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_Fairs  [+]

This year the fair will take place on October 9th, 10th and 11th, 2014 at a new location: Santa Monica Arts Centre in Barcelona, Spain.
Application deadline is April 30th, 2014
(Barcelona, Spain)
09.Oct.2014 - 11.Oct.2014
Deadline: 30.Apr.2014

_Showcases  [+]

Open Call: UBI Top Young 2013. Graduation Series for Contemporary Asian Jewellery

The exhibition is aimed specifically at graduates of contemporary jewellery, born and educated in Asia and now (summer 2014) finishing their bachelor or master in contemporary jewellery in either an Academy in Asia, or abroad. We invite you to share the information of Ubi Top Young 2014 with the graduation students of your network.
Place: Ubi Gallery
(Beijing, China)
22.Aug.2014 - 17.Sep.2014

Open call: submissions for the book New Necklaces

Following the success and interest in the first and second editions of the book New Rings: 500+ Designs and New Earrings: 500+ Designs, I would like to invite you to submit work for selection as to be included in the third book of the collection, titled New Necklaces: 500+ Designs from Around the World.
Place: Barcelona
(Barcelona, Spain)
01.Apr.2014 - 20.Jul.2014

Lecture by Märta Mattsson: Morticia is that you?

Somebody once referred to me as ‘Morticia’ in a blog post about my jewellery. Does the name Morticia and the insinuated darkness suit me and my work? Was I the kind of child who would pull wings off insects?
Place: HDK – School of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg University
(Gothenburg , Sweden)
23.Apr.2014 - 23.Apr.2014

_Books  [+]

Shifting Mass

During the residency at Sundaymorning@ekwc, Ineke Heerkens documented the steps of her creative process in a series of five booklets. Varying in content, theme and style the five volumes are now available as one book.

Henk Leppink, Jewelry Designer

To commemorate and celebrate the life and work of Henk Leppink, who tragically died five years ago this April, some of his close friends decided to make a book about him and the wonderful things he made.


WUNDERRUMA is an exhibition curated by Karl Fritsch and Warwick Freeman in response to an invitation from Wolfgang Lösche, the director of Galerie Handwerk in Munich, to assemble an exhibition of New Zealand contemporary jewellery for showing at the gallery during Schmuck in March 2014.

_Organizations  [+]

The Otro Diseño Foundation is honored to announce the opening of the exhibition ‘Amuleto: Joyaviva a través del Pacífico’, curated and organized by Kevin Murray.
Otro Diseño 2013
(Hilversum, Netherlands)
+ info

_Museums  [+]

Update of the page of the Museum with a new programme of coming exhibitions.
CODA Museum
(Apeldoorn, Netherlands)

_Schools  [+]

New page of the school for 2014 with the new teachers, courses and application forms.
Edinburgh College of Art
(Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

New page fo the school for 2014 with the events program. In February the school presents an exhibition with the graduate works of 2013.
Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry
(Tokyo, Japan)

_Exhibitions  [+]

Beppe Kessler, Brooch, 2012

Beppe Kessler: Stones and Notes

As her introduction in the gallery, Kessler shows pieces from the last two, three years, that testify to her inquisitive, inquiring mind. Also another, extremely important aspect of her work manifests itself in the exhibition: she is an artist who mananges to grant her pieces a poetic quality without having to refer to anecdotes and references.
Place: Galerie Rob Koudijs
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
19.Apr.2014 - 31.May.2014

Caroline Broadhead: Small Change
The exhibition shows work made between the 1970s and 1990s. The emphasis of the early work was on how the identity of a piece of jewellery could be changed when it was handled or worn.
Place: WE WALKA Escuela Gallery Space
(Vitacura, Chile)
23.Apr.2014 - 28.Apr.2014

Kimiko Suzuki, Necklace, 2014Kimiko Suzuki: White
The gallery will hold a solo exhibition presenting the last work of the artist. As Suzuki is feeling ‘WHITE’ has a special symbolism, it attracted her heart. Although porcelain is fragile, she is thinking it positively.

Place: gallery deux poissons
(Tokyo, Japan)
18.Apr.2014 - 27.Apr.2014

Francis Willemstijn, Necklace, 2014Francis Willemstijn: Between Past and Present
With this special exhibition, the artist celebrates the fact that she has been working as an artist for ten years. During all this time she had many idea's that were never carried out and the present show was the right occasion to catch up on them. Of course it didn't turn into a reassuring sentimental journey, conveniently following trodden paths: a decade of experience gave her wings and the necessary command and daring.
Place: Galerie Rob Koudijs
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
19.Apr.2014 - 31.May.2014

Melissa  Cameron, Pieces, ONoff
This juried exhibition presents makers whose work demands exploration both on and off of the body. Video, sculpture, painting, and drawings are presented beside jewelry from the same artist in order to highlight makers working in both functional and non-functional formats.
Place: SooLOCAL
(Minneapolis, United States)
24.Apr.2014 - 24.May.2014

Jewellery Sessions 2/13
For Jewellery Sessions 2I13, contemporary jewellery artists /artist groups are invited from Europe, Japan, U.S. , Latin America, … to join. In collaboration with a photographer, with similar artistic visions, these invited jewellery artists work towards a photograph.
Place: Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts and Design
(Jerusalem, Israel)
06.Apr.2014 - 25.May.2014

Brigitte and Volker Atrops, 2013Brigitte and Volker Atrops: Vintage Violence
Jeweler's Werk Galerie presents the exhibition "Vintage Violence", the result of the discovery of an abandoned jewelry factory by the artists.
Place: Jewelers' Werk Galerie
(Washington DC, United States)
12.Apr.2014 - 02.May.2014

Beyond Textile: 21 jewelers from Argentina
Beyond Textile is an exhibition that shows series of works that, even if they have contemporary textile jewellery genre as a reference, their aim is to trascend it and venture outside it limit using heterogeneous expressive resources.
Place: Galerie Help u Zelven
(Winterswijk, Netherlands)
27.Apr.2014 - 23.Aug.2014

Amuleto: Joyaviva a través del Pacífico
An exhibition of ‘live jewellery’ where each of the objects you see on display has its own life as a device for sharing hopes and fears. They have been carefully designed and made by a new wave of jewellers whose focus is the world outside the gallery.
Place: Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares
(Coyoacán, Mexico)
09.Apr.2014 - 28.May.2014

_Awards  [+]

Le Arti Orafe, Contemporary Jewellery School in Firenze, is pleased to announce the 2015’ edition of Preziosa Young International contest/exhibition for young jewellery makers. The competition does not have a predetermined theme, and the selection will be made based on: Quality of design and manufacture of the pieces; Originality in the use and interpretation of the materials; Conceptual and technical innovation.
(Florence, Italy)
01.Jan.2014 - 15.Nov.2014
Deadline: 15.Nov.2014

The 3rd Annual World Championship Belt Buckle Competition is a juried online exhibition inviting all one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, wearable examples in the belt buckle format including western, modern, fashion, narrative and conceptual.
(Bozeman, United States)
23.May.2014 - 23.Jun.2014
Deadline: 25.Apr.2014

_Jewellers  [+]

New Member at Klimt02
The first cognitive act that I do in front of whatever object is the definition of its volumes and to follow its design in space and to define in its forms exposed to light; what follows is the desire to harmonize those analyzed forms within their structure, in another very complex form as that of human body.

New member at Klimt02
I often love to start working based on the material. I think it is my main purpose to let the feelings I've felt during the work process show through in the jewellery, maybe in visual ways, or maybe in ways only the one who wears it will know.

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_Galleries  [+]

Update of the gallery program. The gallery will present in April a solo show by Francis Willemstijn and introduces Beppe Kessler with a show at the FrontRoom with works from the last 3 years.

Update of the gallery exhibitions program. The new exhibition for March is a group show with Australian jewelers curated by Melinda Young.

New page of the gallery for 2014 with an update programme of coming exhibitions.

Jeweler's Werk Galerie presents the exhibition "Vintage Violence" by Brigitte and Volker Atrops.

Update of the gallery page with a new programme of coming events.

Update of the program of the gallery wih the current exhibition for april. Velvet Da Vinci is proud to exhibit an important collection of works by two California masters, fiber artist Kay Sekimachi and enamelist June Schwarcz

New page of the gallery for 2014 with the updated programme of the coming events, new statement, artists list and publications.

Update of the exhibitions program with the coming exhibition. A solo show by jeweler Kiniko Suzuki.

Update of the gallery page with a new programme of coming exhibitions.

_Workshops  [+]

Panjapol Kulpapangkorn: Talk About Your Life Through Objects

A workshop with Panjapol Kulpapangkorn that will give you a clue to find out a new definition of Jewellery by using your memory as a raw material.
Place: Lohameka Studio of Jewelry Art
(Bangkok, Thailand)
11.May.2014 - 11.May.2014
Deadline: 30.Apr.2014

The Contemporary Jeweller's Bench

This workshop intends to meet the participants’ specific requirements.  Each participant will have the chance to put into practice basic jewellery techniques such as: saw-piercing, filing, soldering, forging, polishing and finishing, wax modelling, etc.
Place: M.Cristina Bellucci Studio
(Rome, Italy)
04.Aug.2014 - 09.Aug.2014
Deadline: 06.Jun.2014

Philip Sajet: Desire & Greed workshop

The foundation of this extraordinary five-day Masterclass is to help you connect you with your feelings about the jewellery you most desire to have and how you can, with honesty, re-create your idea into a tangible item.
Place: Birmingham Institute of Art and Design
(Birmingham, United Kingdom)
14.Jul.2014 - 18.Jul.2014

k02 infonewsk02 infonews 15.04.14

Interviews Blogs Articles Whiteboard
Interview to Minna Markkanen. What there is local in my jewelry is the use of materials that come near. I mainly go pick my own stones from a near-by quarry, and use old wood that I find near. Universal aspect of my jewelry are the emotions they are based on, we all feel feelings of melancholy, and other humane feelings that are strongly present in my work, no matter where we are located on the globe.
A Misunderstanding or Backwardness: Why Some Galleries at SCHMUCK 2014 Lagged Behind Others. I would like to share my experience on the year’s event in the field of contemporary and conceptual jewelry – SCHMUCK-2014 in Munich. The fact that completely shocked me is the prohibition to take photos in the galleries. We, as gallery representatives, went there to get to know new designers and artists and their works, to purchase their works for our collection, to meet our friends and gain new contacts, which come in handy during discussions as well as when organizing new exhibitions.
Agita Putāne
Interview to Corrado De Meo. At times I am under the impression that schools leave an imprint (stamp) which is too recognizable among students, even if subsequently I believe that the original personality emerges.
Socratic Dialogue: CHANGE. CURRENT OBSESSION is exploring the potential of modern media meetings. We installed a micro forum as a part of the CURRENT OBSESSION website (talk.current-obsession.com) and tried to employ a way of discussion called Socratic Dialogue between people from various disciplines, curated by Adam Grinovich. The topic we selected was CHANGE.
Looking back at China’s first International Art Jewelry exhibition. Last year in late September, a major jewelry event took place in Beijing that to date has received little attention. I had the pleasure of traveling to China for the 2013 Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennale that took place during Beijing Design Week (BJDW). Modern jewelry in general is quite new in China, and art jewelry is essentially just getting off the ground.
Symposium ThinkingJewellery (SchmuckDenken)Symposium ThinkingJewellery (SchmuckDenken)
Dear jewellery friends, This year the symposium ThinkingJewellery will take place for the tenth time in Idar-Oberstein from the 18th to the 19th of October 2014. The topic for this year will be: The art and the good life - art between leisure and social (...)
Written by Kt02 / 15.04.2014 / 00:55 hrs.
Selection of the artist of Creativity ContestSelection of the artist of Creativity Contest
Creativity Oggetti, an arts’ space in the heart of Turin, dedicated to the Applied Arts, jewellery and bijoux, launches an international competition  aimed specifically at jewellery designers and artists. The objective of this competition is based on the research of various materials, (...)
Written by kt02 / 03.04.2014 / 13:10 hrs.
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Amalia Vermell
Barcelona, Spain

Update of the artists page with 2 audiovisual documents about her work and a coming event.
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