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Decoration imageArt jewellery awards. Complete and updated information were you could find dates, deadlines, theme, contents, registration, contact and information on past editions.

PREZIOSA Young 2013 Design Competition

Place: Florence
(Florence, Italy)
Management: Giņ Carbone
16.May.2013 - 16.Dec.2013
deadline: 15.Dec.2012

website: www.preziosa.org
mail: preziosa@artiorafe.it

Benedikt Fischer, Brooch, 2011

Benedikt Fischer
Brooch: Equus Equus, 2011
Plastic, remanium
14,9 x 13,6 x 4,3 cm


We are happy to announce the list of artists selected for the 2013’ edition

We thank everyone for participating in our contest, which becomes more and more important, largely due to the high quality of the participants.

The selection had been very hard: we had 225 applicants, and mostly of them with excellent works....

The responsible for this selection was Dr Maria Cristina Bergesio, curator of PREZIOSA, which has selected the winners for the 2013’s edition, as follow: 

Panjapol Kulpapangkorn, Rob Elford, Benedikt Fischer, Karin Roy Andersson, Wan Hee Cho, Chiara Scarpitti, Antje Stolz, Lauren Vanessa Tickle.

The exhibition will take place in Firenze, from 21st of June to 20th of July, 2013, In the Marino Marini Museum for contemporary arts.

The exhibition will be previewed at Inhorgenta 2013, Munchen, Germany, February 22 to 25.
The exhibition will be also held in Legnica (Poland), on the occasion of the Silver Festival (May-June 2013). 

Inhorgenta fair will again offer an INHORGENTA award to one of the selected artist for PREZIOSA YOUNG 2013.
The prize will be a stand area in Forum Innovation to the amount of EUR 2.000,- at INHORGENTA MUNICH 2014.

We also decided to give a special mention to:
Mari Ebbitt, Alice McLean, 8Sofie Boons, Katharina Moch, Märta Mattsson, Marisa Desii, Mina Kang


Le Arti Orafe, since 1985 Contemporary Jewellery School in Firenze, is glad to announce the fourth edition of PREZIOSA YOUNG International context/exhibition for young goldsmith/artists selected for their individual research and for the originality of their creations. 

The selection was made based on quality, originality and innovation of the work proposed by the participants: quality of design and manufacture of the pieces; Originality in the use and interpretation of the materials used (no space for "copies" or objects too much influenced by other artists and/or teachers); Conceptual and technical innovation.

Additional information

The exhibition of the selected artists will take place at international exhibition PREZIOSA 2013, in Florence, Marino Marini Contemporary Museum of Art.
The organizers could also plan other exhibitions along the year: the selected artists are committed to deliver their work to all the scheduled exhibitions.. 

A catalogue will be published for the exhibition. Selected artists will be asked to send new images with appropriate layout and definition.


Worldwide goldsmiths, designers, artists, may submit their candidature for PREZIOSA YOUNG, provided that they are not older than 35 years at the end of 2013.

Deadline for APPLICATION 
The on-line application must be submitted, on December 15th 2012, at latest:


Instructions for application 
All the text and captions must be redacted in English.
Registration should NOT be send by post or mail.
Please note that the images submitted with the enrolment form can be used for
advertising and press purposes.

The selection will be conducted in two phases. The first choice will be made through the photographic material, whereas only participants who pass the first selection will be asked to submit one of their items for the final selection that will be done by an international panel in February 2013.
As soon as the jury will have taken its decision, the winners will have the instruction for the shipment of their items.
Each of the selected winners must present 5 pieces for the exhibition.
These pieces must be the same (or similar) to those submitted for the selection

Shipment of the pieces 
The shipping costs for the selected pieces from the origin to Firenze must be paid by (second selection and exhibition) the submitters. It is up to the artists to decide whether to insure and/or send their pieces by registered mail.
Shipment from Firenze back to the origin will be paid by the organization. 

Shipment from non-EU countries 
We will not accept any shipments for the receipt or return of which customs, taxes or other charges must be paid. To send pieces customs-free from non-EU countries, we suggest to use a Carnet A.T.A., which you can obtain from the Chamber of Commerce in your country. Please note that it may take some time for the Chamber of Commerce to issue this Carnet A.T.A.

All the pieces will be insured by the organization during the exhibitions, in Italy, in Munich, and other locations that may be identified.


Updated information www.preziosa.org
Contact preziosa@artiorafe.it

Via dei Serragli, 104 - 50124 Firenze (Italy)
+39 055 22 80 131

Karin Roy Andersson, Brooch, 2012
Karin Roy Andersson
Brooch: A Constant Grinding, 2012
Apple seeds, titanium, aluminium steel, silver
10 x 6 x 4 cm

Wan Hee Cho, Bracelet, 2011
Wan Hee Cho
Bracelet: Walking Slow in the Fast World IV, 2011
Korean mulberry paper, Fabric, Sterling Silver Wire, Thread
15 x 10 x 8,5 cm

Rob Elford, Ring, 2012
Rob Elford
Ring: Shadow of a Bat, 2012
3D Printed Polymide
2,3 x 0,5 x 3,8 cm

Panjapol Kulpapangkorn, Pieces, 2012
Panjapol Kulpapangkorn
Pieces: Jewellery Is At MY Feet, The Show Is Yours, 2012
Mixed medias, Paper boxes
15 x 15 x 15 cm

Lauren Vanessa Tickle, Necklace, 2011
Lauren Vanessa Tickle
Necklace: $300.00 US Dollars (Currency Converted), 2011
US Currency, Silver, Latex, Monofilament
11,4 x 30,3 x 22,8 cm

Chiara Scarpitti, Collier, 2012
Chiara Scarpitti
Collier: FLY'S BIRD, 2012
Oxidate silver, pure silk/digital prints, steel/chemical
24 x 20 x 7 cm

Antje Stolz, Necklace, 2012
Antje Stolz
Necklace: Askew II, 2012
Slate veneer, enamel paint, silk thread, lead
30 x 32 cm

PREZIOSA Young 2013 Design Competition

- Florence

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