Klimt02 Gallery: the art jewellery space in Barcelona
Designed for Klimt02
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Klimt02 presents the first pieces of the ongoing collection Designed for Klimt02. Based on the creative concept of each artist we wanted to contribute to make exclusive pieces with a high technical level and emphasizing its portability.

Designed for Klimt02 is an ongoing project, in which pieces will be added, inviting the artists to participate with this vision and provided their work process allows.

The collection will consist of unique pieces, numbered and multiple series. Artists with whom we start this collection are Annelies Planteydt, Karin Johansson, Sari Liimatta, Simon Cottrell, Jiro Kamata and Fritz Maierhofer. The pieces are 6 necklaces, 2 pins, 6 pendants, 3 brooches and 5 rings.

As gallerists this project allows us to be a part of the work process and definition of the pieces, sharing our experience as mediators between artists, clients and collectors looking as well complicity with the end result. Moreover, it allows us to have and present to our customers exclusive pieces, fruit of a closer relationship when working together the jeweller and gallery. This new line allows us to understand and promote the work of the artists we work with.