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_Showcases  [+]

Award Giving: Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery Winners

Gallery Funaki announced the winners of the Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery. In the Established Category the winner was Kiko Gianocca and between the Emerging Artists Patrícia Domingues and Sara Gackowska were the winners. The jury given also two commendations.
Place: Gallery Funaki
(Melbourne, Australia)
12.Aug.2014 - 12.Aug.2014

SchmuckDenken X - Thinking Jewellery

The program and the application form for "ThinkingJewellery 10: On our way to a theory of jewellery" are already available. ThinkingJewellery is the attempt to reflect what Jewellery really is and an interdisciplinary approach beyond the known categories handcraft or art, applied or free.
Place: Hochschule Trier
(Idar-Oberstein, Germany)
18.Oct.2014 - 19.Oct.2014

Contemporary Jewellery Seminars

EleniMarneri Galerie presents el.marneri seminars. With the desire to introduce the contemporary view and trends of artistic jewellery to all new artists, begins with her collaborators Poly Nikolopoulou and Yannis Siotis, a cycle of contemporary jewellery seminars.
Place: EleniMarneri Galerie
(Makriyanni - Athens, Greece)
29.Sep.2014 - 05.Jun.2015

Seminar: New Adventures in Jewellery

Welcome to an international two-day seminar focusing on new approaches to the making, wearing and contextualization of jewellery. Addressing issues around multi-disciplinary working methods, networking and globalization, the speakers will bring together perspectives and examples from around the world.
Place: HDK - School of Design and Crafts
(Gothenburg, Sweden)
19.Sep.2014 - 20.Sep.2014

Open Call: KORU5

Finnish Jewellery Art Association announces an open call for juried international jewellery exhibition called KORU5. KORU5 is a international contemporary jewellery triennal and the exhibition is aimed to all professional artists or artist groups who are working as jewellery artist and artist from other fields.
Place: Imatra
(Lappeenranta, Finland)
01.Sep.2014 - 31.Oct.2014

_Books  [+]

Bernhard Schobinger: The Rings of Saturn

A book that gives an overview of the rings created by Bernhard Schobinger over the last forty-five years. The artist used this type of piece as a way to express political and artistic issues, expanding the jewellery field beyond wearability and value.

Winfried Krüger: No Title

A monograph that shows in retrospective the work of Winfried Krüger from the last twenty years and the development of his own unique jewellery language. The artist has been moving freely and skillfully between jewellery, drawing, painting and staging through his career.

Estela Sàez: Meet Me There

Estela Sàez is a committed artist with its origins that works with expensive raw materials. Somewhere between the sculpture and the jewellery, the artist invites the viewer to testify all her kind of presences and mental experiences through the pieces. You'll meet the artist, the pieces and yourself by this reading too.

Daniel Kruger: Between Nature and Artifice. Jewellery 1974-2014

Experimental, unconventional and individual: an irrepressible curiosity and boundless creativity in dealing with materials, forms and techniques are all hallmarks of the work by the jewellery artist Daniel Kruger. The current publication documents the contemporaneity of the diverse possibilities of his expression and opens up a pictorial world of aesthetic pleasure.


WUNDERRUMA is an exhibition curated by Karl Fritsch and Warwick Freeman in response to an invitation from Wolfgang Lösche, the director of Galerie Handwerk in Munich, to assemble an exhibition of New Zealand contemporary jewellery for showing at the gallery during Schmuck in March 2014.

_Schools  [+]

New school page for 2014. Maden is a contemporary jewellery studio that considers jewellery as “wearable art” and intends to convey this concept to participants with technical and conceptual courses. It also aims to improve the field of contemporary jewellery in Turkey.
Maden Contemporary Jewellery Studio
(Istanbul, Turkey)

Edinburgh College of Art presents in August the Masters Festival, a show where the graduating artists present their works. The show will be open late on two evenings during the week.
Edinburgh College of Art
(Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

_Organizations  [+]

EMB&B Art Events are the organisators that bring us SIERAAD: the International Jewellery Design Fair and New Traditional Jewellery: the International Jewellery contest. Check the dates and programmes of the events.
EMB&B Art Events
(Amersfoort, Netherlands)
+ info

_Museums  [+]

With a renewed programme of coming exhibitions, CODA Museum presents an exhibition by Tota Reciclados where the couple of jewellers shows pieces that had as a starting point fragments of old jewellery and everyday objects. The exhibition starts in September and will run until January 2015.
CODA Museum
(Apeldoorn, Netherlands)

Until 19th October Pforzheim Jewellery Museum shows a group of works by Winfried Krüger. The selected pieces demonstrate the variety of the subjects treated by the artist and the capacity to work with different materials. A publication about his work is also available.
Pforzheim Jewellery Museum
(Pforzheim, Germany)

_Exhibitions  [+]

From Chaos to Comprehension

The exhibition reflects the process of construction and deconstruction in the creative process. With works by seven jewellers graduated from the MA 'Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products' at Birmingham City University, this exhibition aims to show how is important to understand the chaos and take advantage of it.
Place: ATTA Gallery
(Bangkok, Thailand)
21.Aug.2014 - 27.Sep.2014

Tota Reciclados: Broken Memories, Precarious Links
Coda Museum presents in September an exhibition by Tota Reciclados. The group of jewellers shows the collection "Broken Memories, Precarious Links" result from the Artists in Residence project of the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation. The pieces are a aftermath of collected objects and the histories beyond them.
Place: CODA Museum
(Apeldoorn, Netherlands)
21.Sep.2014 - 11.Jan.2015

Paintings and Rings
Hamish McKay presents an exhibition that counts with paintings by Séraphine Pick and Robin Neate, and rings by Karl Fritsch. The show proposes a overview to the work of this artists and a reflection in each field.
Place: Hamish McKay
(Wellington, New Zealand)
08.Aug.2014 - 30.Aug.2014

Peter Schmid, Ring, 100 Rings with Atelier Zobel
Santa Fe's Patina Gallery celebrates its 15th anniversary this August with the exhibition "100 Rings". The exhibition features works of the renowned German jewelry studio, Atelier Zobel.
Place: Patina Gallery
(Santa Fe, United States)
15.Aug.2014 - 31.Aug.2014

Daniel Kruger, Pendant, 2013Daniel Kruger: Angle of Incidence
Sienna Patti Gallery presents an exhibition by Daniel Kruger, a renowned artist with more than 40 years of practice. Daniel Kruger explores different materials and textures in order to create unique pieces that show the perfect balance in the contradictions.
Place: Sienna Gallery
(Lenox, United States)
23.Aug.2014 - 28.Sep.2014

Märta Mattsson and Tanel Veenre: SOLOƧ- Never odd or even part III
Platina Gallery presents an exhibition by the jewellers Märta Mattson and Tanel Veenre, where the artists explore the notion of symmetry in life and nature and its contradictions. Through palindromes the jewellers challenge the visual language of each piece.
Place: Platina
(Stockholm, Sweden)
23.Aug.2014 - 20.Sep.2014

Top Young 2014
Top Young 2014 is an exhibition that presents 10 artists selected by an international jury, from over 50 Asian jewellery graduates. Through the pieces we can see the self-expression of the artists and the growing innovation of the field.
Place: Ubi Gallery
(Beijing, China)
22.Aug.2014 - 17.Sep.2014

_Jewellers  [+]

New member of Klimt02.
I'm convinced that the way we present ourselves to the world can explain a great deal about each one of us and that the way we sort out and induce a reading of our work can be the initial key to the understanding of a piece.

Ezra Satok-Wolman, Medallion, 2014

Ezra Satok-Wolman presents two new pieces: a medallion and a pendant where once again the artist shows his technical and mathematical precision.

New Member of Klimt02.
Inspired by Japanese art of Kintsugi and her design philosophy, Isabella believes that anything suffering damage has it’s potential to become more beautiful. She aims to create an emotional response in both the wearer and the viewer of her conceptual works.

Update of the artist page with a group of new works. In this new pieces is notable the inspiration in the everyday life and how the jeweller expresses a critic through a funny way.

Gustavo Paradiso presents a new group of works that shows his intricate relationship with the materials and objects that he find. The artist is mostly interested in the construction of the piece from ground zero and its development through experiences and attempts.

_Awards  [+]

Art Jewelry Forum (AJF) is accepting applications for its 2014 Artist Award. The purpose of the award is to acknowledge promise, innovation, and individuality in the work of an emerging jewelry artist and to help to advance the artist's career.
(Mill Valley, United States)
01.Jul.2014 - 30.Sep.2014
Deadline: 30.Sep.2014

Le Arti Orafe, Contemporary Jewellery School in Firenze, is pleased to announce the 2015’ edition of Preziosa Young International contest/exhibition for young jewellery makers. The competition does not have a predetermined theme, and the selection will be made based on: Quality of design and manufacture of the pieces; Originality in the use and interpretation of the materials; Conceptual and technical innovation.
(Florence, Italy)
01.Jan.2014 - 15.Nov.2014
Deadline: 15.Nov.2014

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_Workshops  [+]

Tanel Veenre: Copy/Paste

WE WALKA Escuela presents a workshop by Tanel Veenre that proposes a reflection about the concepts of originality, ready-made, traditional and innovation. In four days the participant will create a jewellery piece that had as a starting point a ready-made or a piece where the use of traditional techniques or materials are notable. A opportunity to discuss the theme with a successful artist that creates relationships between Jewellery and Fashion.
Place: WE WALKA Escuela
(Vitacura, Chile)
10.Oct.2014 - 13.Oct.2014
Deadline: 02.Oct.2014

Melissa Cameron, Pieces,

Melissa Cameron: One design

A DIY workshop group get together with this collaborative challenge set: make at least 10 fresh pieces of work from the same laser cut design.
Place: Studio 20/17
(Waterloo, Australia)
23.Aug.2014 - 23.Aug.2014

Tabea Reulecke: Who Cares?

The aim of this workshop is to destroy and to create, an open workshop for creative people who are willing to push past their boundaries and explore the creativity that lies beyond.
Place: Atelier Rudee
(Bangkok, Thailand)
04.Jan.2015 - 10.Jan.2015
Deadline: 30.Nov.2014

_Galleries  [+]

Simultaneously with the exhibition by Jiro Kamata, ATTA Gallery presents the work of 7 contemporary jewellery artists, graduated from the MA 'Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products' at Birmingham City University, UK. Both shows will run until 27th September.

Ubi Gallery presents this month an exhibition with the 10 best submissions to the award exhibition Top Young. The exhibition runs until 17 September and shows the fresh view of the graduate students.

Santa Fe - Patina Gallery presents in October the the third and final exhibition of Patina's Drawn to the Wall series, "Measure of Days" by Daniel Kosharek, part of the gallery's 15th anniversary celebration. The artist presents in this exhibition reflections of each day by abstracts paintings.

Sienna Patti presents a new exhibitions programme with the new show by Daniel Kruger: "Angle of Incidence".

New gallery page for 2014. Hnoss Initiative presents an updated programme and a list of coming events.

The gallery shows this month an exhibition by Märta Mattson and Tanel Veenre with the artists presenting two new series of works, "Phantoms" and "Heartology", respectively. Based on palindromes, this pieces challenge the concept of symmetry.

Gallery Funaki announced the winners of the Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery. See the chosen ones and also the pieces of all selected artists to the major exhibition.

k02 infonewsk02 infonews 18.08.14

Interviews Blogs Articles Whiteboard
DiagonalIntroducing Alkemisterna
Alchemy (noun): A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. The medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of materials to convert them into gold or to find a universal elixir.  We are thrilled to announce a new project in the (...)
Written by Sanna Svedestedt / 09.07.2014 / 21:05 hrs.
 / Diagonal
Harold O’Connor: Between Art and Nature. Among the most accomplished metalsmiths of his or any generation, O’Connor enjoys a dual reputation as both artist and esteemed teacher. His jewelry resides in seventeen museum collections worldwide5—and he has taught and lectured in sixteen countries, including Korea, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, and Japan.
A must read article to understand the works and career of the North American artist.
Andrea DiNoto
Interview to Liana Pattihis. I think the local influence shows in the way I work. I have acquired a sense of ‘efficiency’ and ethos related to my work which can only stem from the more regimented way of life here in the UK. The Universal is an amalgamation of all the beautiful people and work I have met and acknowledged over the last few years that have inspired me to be a better artist and person.
Interview to Teresa Faris. I am interested in communication, particularly silent communication of humans and non- humans. From bowery birds to “Goth” kids, I look at body language, fashion/color and body adornment and contemplate how those things attract or repel.
Klimt02 in conversation with Kevin Hughes. Interview filmed on the occasion of the solo exhibition A Fickle Sonance by Kevin Hughes at Klimt02 Gallery in Barcelona in June 2014. Kevin explains us about the exhibition, research and work processes, the use of found objects and importance of the titles on these pieces, how he see the future works to come and why jewellery instead of any other creative discipline.
Julia deVille News, August 2014Julia deVille News, August 2014
Once again I’m gearing up for the Melbourne Art Fair which opens on Wednesday 13 August and runs until Sunday 17 August. Please come down to see my new work at the Sophie Gannon Gallery stand (number C106) during the fair, or join me for a drink at the (...)
Written by Kt02 / 10.08.2014 / 01:11 hrs.
Truike Verdegaal: Coming exhibitionsTruike Verdegaal: Coming exhibitions
Dear Friends, I like to inform you about the below exhibitions: 19.08 t/m 02.11.2014 WILHELMINARING: oeuvreprijs voor beeldhouwkunst 1998-2013 Op zondag 31 Augustus (vanaf 14:30 uur) ben ik op deze tentoonstelling aanwezig. CODA Museum (...)
Written by Kt02 / 31.07.2014 / 13:19 hrs.
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Birmingham City University
Birmingham, United Kingdom


Management person: Mark Brown

With around 22,000 students from 80 countries, Birmingham City University is a large, diverse and increasingly popular place to study. We put students at the heart of everything we do, giving them the best opportunities for future success.
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Aug 2014

Schmuck Fair
Munich, Germany
Management person: Wolfgang Lösche

Update with the complete program of events related to Jewellery during the International Trade Fair.
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