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_Showcases  [+]

Schmuck als urbaner Prozess

"Schmuck als urbaner Prozess" is a research and exhibition project initiated by the Design Department of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and the Stadtmuseum of the City of Düsseldorf. The students after a exploration of jewellery in urban spaces developed their own ideas and conceptions about jewellery and exhibitions, through a oriented process and the exploration of Düsseldorf cityscape.
Place: Stadtmuseum Landeshauptstadt
(Düsseldorf, Germany)
08.Nov.2014 - 25.Nov.2014

Lecture: Jewellery Object. For your eyes only?

This lecture is focused in the public's perception and experience of jewellery. The several feelings awakened by the materials, forms, colors and all the object gives an interpretation that varies with the viewer. The reflection about this experiences will be discussed in this lecture day, part of the European Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery 2014.
Place: The Anciens Abattoirs of Mons
(Mons, Belgium)
25.Oct.2014 - 25.Oct.2014

Open Call: Radiant Pavilion

Radiant Pavilion is a project that aims to create a new platform for presentation, participation and investigation in the jewellery field. During one week, with a programme that includes exhibitions, workshops, seminars and open studios, all the interested people is invited to participate. Call for artists at 1st February 2015.
Place: Melbourne
(Melbourne, Australia)
01.Sep.2015 - 06.Sep.2016

Open Call: upcoming book CAST

You are invited to submit work for inclusion in the upcoming book CAST. The book will feature gorgeous images from both contemporary and historic artists whose work is defined by their use of casting as a primary process. CAST will be a creative look-book intended to inspire more people to use casting in their work and to think more broadly about the process and its possibilities.
Place: Juried Art Services
(Florida, United States)
17.Jul.2015 - 17.Jul.2015

Call for Artists: Co:Operation Garnish

Rachel Timmins and Brigitte Martin arranged a traveling exhibition with the aim of show works by partnerships with approaches to jewellery totally different between them. The open call is open and the juries are looking for surprising ornaments.
Place: Crafthaus
(, United States)
20.May.2015 - 04.Mar.2016

Open Call: SENSEability

SENSEability will be an exhibition focused in the ability of the jewellers to express their own ideas and concepts through a unique visual language. The result of the selected works will be translated in an exhibition full of contrasts yet with a common sensibility to the jewellery art.
Place: Studio Gabi Green
(Munich, Germany)
12.Mar.2015 - 18.Mar.2015

_Schools  [+]

New member of Klimt02
The School of Jewelry & Metal Arts degree program provides a hands-on environment for students in our modern, fully equipped welding studio. Our goal is to prepare students to become premier jewelry designers for a competitive global market, providing comprehensive instruction in production, presentation, and market insight.
Academy of Art University
(San Francisco, United States)

Kurt Vanbelleghem, curator at Sint Lucas Antwerp, curated the exhibition Travellers on the Earth for the Creative Capital in Wuhan, China. The event counts yet with a symposium curated by Ad van Rosmalen.
St Lucas University College of Art & Design Antwerp
(Antwerp, Belgium)

_Books  [+]

Current Obsession Magazine #3

The #3 Fake Issue of Current Obsession Magazine is already published. Fake is the archetype for the last issue. Fake deconstructs a given identity and makes deep marks into the superficiality of value, production and glamour. Fake is like the shadow cast by the inflated value balloon we try to uphold, incidentally revealing a remarkable form of ingenuity.


WUNDERRUMA is an exhibition curated by Karl Fritsch and Warwick Freeman in response to an invitation from Wolfgang Lösche, the director of Galerie Handwerk in Munich, to assemble an exhibition of New Zealand contemporary jewellery for showing at the gallery during Schmuck in March 2014.

Herbert Hofmann Award Herbert-Hofmann-Preis 1973-2008

A documentation of all Herbert Hofmann Award Winners from 1973 to 2008 with one picture of each award and a historical review of the Schmuck-exhibition from the beginning in 1959 until now.

_Museums  [+]

With a renewed programme of coming exhibitions, CODA Museum presents an exhibition by Tota Reciclados where the couple of jewellers shows pieces that had as a starting point fragments of old jewellery and everyday objects. The exhibition starts in September and will run until January 2015.
CODA Museum
(Apeldoorn, Netherlands)

_Exhibitions  [+]

Tanel Veenre, Neckpiece, 2011

Tanel Veenre: Simply Too Naturesque

Art Gallery PUTTI presents Tanel Veenre’s personal exhibition “Simply Too Naturesque" as a part of Riga Fashion Week Estonian contemporary artists.
Place: Putti Art Gallery
(Rīga, Latvia)
31.Oct.2014 - 15.Nov.2014

Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary, Necklace, 2013Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary: Where Blue Hides After Dark
Sienna Patti presents the first solo exhibition in the United States of Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary. "Where Blue Hides After Dark" shows the work of the artist from her latest series, "Karma Chroma". To the artist, more than understand the cultural meaning of colors and materials, it's important provoke the imagination of the viewer.
Place: Sienna Gallery
(Lenox, United States)
18.Oct.2014 - 16.Nov.2014

Annamaria Zanella, Brooch, 2011Émaux at this Moment
Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h presents contemporary enamel work by 23 international artists. Curated by Jamie Bennett, renowned American jewelry artist, this exhibition offers an overview of the current use of enamel in contemporary jewelry and objects.
Place: Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h
(Montréal, Canada)
17.Oct.2014 - 16.Nov.2014

Life Savers
The Most Secret Gallery is a new space for art jewellery in Denmark and aims to create interest and understanding of contemporary jewellery through its exhibitions and artist talks. For the first exhibition Kim Buck invited Sara Borgegård Älgå and Mari Ishikawa to present their work under the subject "Life Savers".
Place: The Most Secret Gallery
(København K, Denmark)
10.Oct.2014 - 06.Nov.2014

Peter Hoogeboom, Necklace, 2014Peter Hoogeboom: Greenware, Crockery, Chinawear
"Greenware, Crockery, Chinaware" is the first solo exhibition by the Dutch artist Peter Hoogeboom. The show presents a selection of pieces since the beginning of his career until today and is interesting to see how the works declare a statement between the nature and synthesis.
Place: Gallery Loupe
(Montclair/ New Jersey, United States)
11.Oct.2014 - 05.Nov.2014

Gallery Platina presents six Finnish contemporary jewellery artists that have been the leading voices on the international stage.
Place: Platina
(Stockholm, Sweden)
16.Oct.2014 - 15.Nov.2014

Gésine Hackenberg, Necklace, 2014Gésine Hackenberg: Daily Delicious – Feast of Today
At the exhibition we will show 2 pieces made by the artist specially for Klimt02 gallery. The exhibition will take part of the events at OFF Joya, a parallel circuit of exibitions in barcelona during Joya barcelona fair and will last to end of the month.
Place: Klimt02 Gallery
(Barcelona, Spain)
08.Oct.2014 - 31.Oct.2014

Timothy Veske-Mcmahon, Necklace, Timothy Veske-Mcmahon: Ampersand
This month Gallery Beyond Fashion presents a solo exhibition by Timothy Veske-Mcmahon. This new body of work results from the needs of expression of the artist, creating basic elements of a visual lexicon representing the delicate balance of adult life.
Place: Beyond Fashion
(Antwerp, Belgium)
16.Oct.2014 - 29.Nov.2014

Joyce J. Scott: New Work, 2014
Joyce J. Scott, renowned as the “Queen of Beadwork", is an artist that uses her art to invite people making a reflection. Joyce J. Scott has deep and provocative thoughts about the paper of art in society and about society itself, and she searches to make a change with her pieces.
Place: Mobilia Gallery
(Cambridge, United States)
14.Oct.2014 - 01.Nov.2014

Julia Walter, Pendant, 2014Julia Walter: Keeping the balance
Julia Walter in this exhibition shows her last works made with Galalith, the milk stone. The artist believes in instincts, in the magic of moments and while preparing this exhibition was confronted with the uncertainty of the present and the future, so unknown. Keep the balance between all this factor was the motto for her work.
Place: Galeria Tereza Seabra
(Lisbon, Portugal)
11.Oct.2014 - 31.Oct.2014

_Fairs  [+]

The 2014 edition of the fair opens the doors in November 6th. The direct contact with the designers is one of the most attractive aspects for visitors. The enormous variety in styles, ranging from the more traditional to explicitly artistic and experimental, also forms an inspiration for each visitor to find something to his own taste.
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
06.Nov.2014 - 09.Nov.2014
Deadline: 20.Mar.2014

The Schmuck 2015 edition application period is open. Deadline to submit works is October 1st 2014. This special exhibition is the eldest exhibition of contemporary jewellery work in the world. It takes place since 1959 every year during the International Trade Fair in March.
(Munich, Germany)
11.Mar.2015 - 17.Mar.2015
Deadline: 01.Oct.2014

_Awards  [+]

The Jury of the 2014 NTJ award has selected 45 artists from 22 countries. The prizewinners will be announced on November 6 during SIERAAD Art Fair between 17.00 - 18.00 hours.
(Amersfoort, Netherlands)
06.Nov.2014 - 09.Nov.2014
Deadline: 01.Jun.2014

_Jewellers  [+]

Beverly Tadeu, Neckpiece, 2014

The pieces created by Beverly Tadeu are undoubtedly a contradiction themself. Instead of giving to the viewer a directly perception of the jewel, Beverly Tadeu proposes a second look to really comprehend how and why the pieces were made this way. Playing with the contradiction between fragile and strong, ethereal and durable, the artist creates singular and precious pieces. Beverly Tadeu presents now new pieces according to this conception.

Claudia Steiner presents a new body of work with brooches that make a statement about the transformation of the materials. The artist is interested in the aesthetic of the changing form and in the differents meanings that a piece can acquire.

I’m a long distance runner. The urge to repeat movements, methodically and resolutely is significant for my personality and work. Running kilometre after kilometre or pushing a needle up and down for hours - multiplicity and recurrence attract me.

_Workshops  [+]

Claire Lavendhomme: Creating jewellery in resin, latex and/or silicon

As part of the European Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery 2014, the artist Claire Lavendhomme gives a two-day workshop with the aim of create a jewellery piece in resin, latex and/or silicon and discover the many possibilities of this materials.
Place: The Anciens Abattoirs of Mons
(Mons, Belgium)
15.Nov.2014 - 16.Nov.2014
Deadline: 31.Oct.2014

_Organizations  [+]

This year for the fifth edition of the European Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery, WCC-BF invited artists from Italy and Finland to dialogue with Belgian makers and their pieces. As side events there will be lecture "Jewellery Object: For your eyes only?" and an workshop by Claire Lavendhomme.
(Mons, Belgium)
+ info

Joya Brava was present at JOYA 214 with the exhibition "The Baroque Persistence", a dialogue between contemporary jewelry and Chilean cultural heritage. At OFF JOYA the organization presents the show "JoyEROS", an exhibition that explores the relation between jewellery and body.
Joya Brava
(Santiago, Chile)
+ info

_Galleries  [+]

Until November Platina shows an exhibition with six Finnish jewellers that revolutionize and mark the art scene locally and internationally.

Velvet da Vinci presents this month "Full Circle", an exhibition that celebrates the work of Garry Knox Bennett, a artist engaged in diverse fields as the furniture, the craft and metal work. The show will feature 50 sculptural roach clips, a popular item sold at the artist’s historic San Francisco shop Squirkenworks almost 4 decades ago.

Ubi Gallery presents the exhibition "Dust Included" with works from 13 artists with connections to China and Netherlands. The show explores the influence of the dust and pollution in nowadays.

Until November Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h presents an exhibition Curated by Jamie Bennett, a renowned American jewelry artist. The show is focused on the different approaches in the enamel technique in the contemporary jewellery and counts with 23 international artists.

Galeria Reverso presents this month the exhibition "Morphing ( )" by Claude Schmitz. The artist is engaged with the transformation of the nature having as a real reference the nature itself.

La Basílica Galería White Cabinet presents the exhibition of the project "Z Jedwabnego My…” . A show loaded of history and emotion about a tragic episode in the Polish history.

Tereza Seabra presents "Keeping the balance", an exhibition by Julia Walter with pieces made with Galalith, the milk stone.

Mobilia Gallery presents this month a solo exhibition by Joyce J. Scott. The artist is best known for her work in jewelry, beadwork, and glass, as well by her strong statements and commentaries created by a mix of media.

The gallery presents the solo exhibition "Ampersand" by Timothy Veske-Mcmahon. The event will include too a demonstration of hydrographic printing, a process of applying a two-dimensional pattern or image to a three-dimensional surface.

In October the 8th gallery presents, as part of the OFF JOYA events program,  Daily Delicious - Feast of Today, a solo show by Gésine Hackenberg. The exhibition is a study of the relationship between fruits and vegetables with the people and their bodies. In the execution of this work, the emphasis lies on the human perspective and constructed nature, made of thin copper sheet.

Gallery Loupe presents in October the first solo exhibition by Peter Hoogeboom. The show exhibits the last collection of the artist " Greenware, Crockery, Chinawear", with necklaces made from Taiwanese porcelain combined with metal and sometimes others materials.

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k02 infonewsk02 infonews 13.10.14

Interviews Blogs Articles Whiteboard
Interview to CURRENT OBSESSION. Recently we’ve heard a brilliant phrase coming from a well-known publisher: ‘Magazine is an ultimate tool of promotion’. CO magazine helps introducing and defining contemporary jewellery as artistic practice to a larger public. It literally puts contemporary jewellery alongside design, art, architecture and fashion magazines in a store display.
Interview to Rachel Darbourne. The issue of standardisation within jewellery could easily turn into an essay running to many hundreds of words. In short, my answer is yes. I consider this a result of many complex issues, all interwoven and interconnected, such as: the commercial requirements of all galleries to facilitate their survival; the many, many levels within the discipline itself (from the hobbyist, to the product designer, to the art jeweller and so on) (...).
Interview to Yong Joo Kim. As the world becomes smaller and smaller, it becomes more and more important that we continually develop our own ideas and find our own voice. This includes trying to recognize where we stand in relation to others and their work, how the intentions behind our work is not only similar but also different from theirs.
Amelia Pascoe: A reflection on FACENOW, a workshop by Ruudt Peters. A review by Amelia Pascoe about the workshop FACENOW given in The Netherlands from 28.Jul.2014 to 03.Aug.2014. The artist reveals her personal view on this experience and gives an appreciation on this event.
Amelia Pascoe
Member image[The last updated member]

Matt Lambert
Detroit, United States

My primary interest lies in materiality and intuitive construction incorporating acquired objects.

Very soon we will enjoy the works of the artist.
Tamara Grüner[The most visited members]
Oct 2014

Tamara Grüner
Pforzheim, Germany

The artist presents 8 new brooches from 2013 where she keeps on working with historical metal pieces on a perfect combination of geometrical decorative vintage shapes.
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