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Decoration imageSelected art jewellery artists listed by countries and name. Includes information of the artists, images of the work, cv, statement, publications, exhibitions, coming events, contact.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

mail: ninasajetatgmaildotcom

Nina Sajet

Nina Sajet, Ring, 2008
Nina Sajet
Ring: Bird Cage, 2008
Silver, brass
11 x 3,5 x 3,3 cm

Nina Sajet, Necklace, 2010
Nina Sajet
Necklace: Cabbage, 2010
Porcelain, silk wire
50 x 50 x 15 cm

Nina Sajet, Necklace, 2011
Nina Sajet
Necklace: Tears of Pearls, 2011
Porcelain, gold luster, nylon wire
35 x 35 x 5 cm

Nina Sajet, Bracelet, 2011
Nina Sajet
Bracelet: Strong Wind Blowing, 2011
Porcelain, nylon wire
10 x 10 x 3,5 cm

Nina Sajet, Necklace, 2011
Nina Sajet
Necklace: Snow White, 2011
Porcelain, nylon wire
35 x 35 x 5 cm

Nina Sajet, Necklace, 2011
Nina Sajet
Necklace: Mermaid, 2011
Nisijn Silk, porcelain
47 x 35 x 1 cm

Nina Sajet, Necklace, 2011
Nina Sajet
Necklace: Grande Fiore, 2011
Porcelain, nylon wire
30 x 45 x 9 cm

Nina Sajet, Necklace, 2011
Nina Sajet
Necklace: Unraveled Gold, 2011
Nisijn Silk, silver
47 x 50 cm

Nina Sajet, Necklace, 2012
Nina Sajet
Necklace: A Collection of Tails, 2012
Porcelain, copper
25 x 25 x 2 cm

Nina Sajet, Earrings, 2012
Nina Sajet
Earrings: Tail, 2012
Porcelain, 18k gold, pearls
5 x 2 x 2 cm

Nina Sajet, Earrings, 2012
Nina Sajet
Earrings: Fin, 2012
Porcelain, gold, pearls
6 x 4,5 x 0,4 cm


By looking attentively at the things around me I register my reality. I bring out this reality in a poetical and fairytale manner.
Like in a fairytale or a surrealistic dream the object become really big or really small and change of its context. In my world cages turn to rings, birds to pipes, sprouts to pearls. I see each new object and project as part of an new reality to which I want to take the audience with me.


Nina Sajet, 1987, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2001 t/m 2006 Havo, IVKO Amsterdam / 2006 t/m 2010: BA Artez, Product Design, Arnhem

2009 EKWC, European ceramic Work Centre, s’Hertogenbosch 
2008 Gesine Hackenberg, jeweller, Amsterdam

2008 Shoe design by Lilian Sanderson

Public Collections:
CODA Apeldoorn, Cabbage | Schmuckmuseum PhorzheimMuseum of modern art Arnhem | Koch collection

Presentations and exhibitions:
Duran van der Poort, exhibition How it’s made , Rotterdam | Schmuck Munchen 2011 with Gallery Marzee
2010 Graduation exposition Fashion & Product design, KEMA Arnhem | Gallery Marzee Nijmegen, selection from graduation work jewellery | K studio, Tokio, Nisijn | A Muze Amsterdam B-side : Down Town Art Jewellery Festival | Hardware 2010 galerie Intermezzo, Doordecht | Inside design 2010 Elle Wonen, Loyd Hotel | The Girls of Arnhem, group exhibition Dutch Design Week 2010, Eindhoven | Duran van der Poort , exhibition Enlightenment, Rotterdam | Object Rotterdam 2010 with gallery Marzee | Art manifestation Sufrene Lunette Zutphen
2009 Amsterdam International Fashion Week Presentation Collection Arnhem Plus | Milan, Salone del Mobile, Presentation Collection Arnhem Plus | Arnhem fashion Biënnale, Coming Soon Arnhem Presentation Collection Arnhem Plus | Arnhem Fashion Biënnale, Modern Art Museum Arnhem, Le Rossignol de Lilas', jewellery collection for fashion designer Ties Princen | Arnhem Fashion Biënnale, Trix en Rees, Arnhem, Le Rossignol de Lilas', jewellery collection for fashion designer Ties Princen.
2008 Modern Art Museum Arnhem, Arnhemse facience, group exposition | Dudok Arnhem, “Tjielp” , group exposition, third year students of artEZ product design presents their vision on a bird house. 


2011 BNO magzine, vorm berichten, 2/2011, A experimental meeting | Fragments and gold. Sublieme magazine nr 26, branches necklace, bottle brachelet | 23 pieces of birthday jewellery,
2010 Nisijn jewelry, K studio cover silk piece | Pasajes Diseno nr 22, birdcagering
2008 De Gelderlander; Arnhems keramiek./ Darling publication; The Compendium finale of contemporary jewellers

On sale at

Gallery Marzee, The Netherlands,
SieboldHuis, Leiden, The Netherlands,
K-Studio/ O- jewel. Japan, Tokyo

Sajet, Nina

1051 KH - Amsterdam
Telephone: 0031 (0)6 46796217

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