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Decoration imageSelected art jewellery artists listed by countries and name. Includes information of the artists, images of the work, cv, statement, publications, exhibitions, coming events, contact.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

website: www.ruudtpeters.nl
mail: infoatruudtpetersdotnl

Ruudt Peters photographed by Conor Vella Amsterdam

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: SHEN ku yun, 2013
Agate by laser cut, silver
9 x 10 x 1,8 cm
Photo by Rob Versluys

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: SHEN bai se peng gu, 2013
Agate by laser cut, silver
11,5 x 13 x 1,2 cm
Photo by Rob Versluys

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: SHEN lan xie hu, 2013
Agate by laser cut, silver
7,5 x 12 x 1,8 cm
Photo by Rob Versluys

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: SHEN mao pao de fei, 2013
Agate by laser cut, silver
7,5 x 12 x 1,8 cm
Photo by Rob Versluys

Ruudt Peters, Sculpture, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Sculpture: Cun Zai, 2013

Ruudt Peters, Sculpture, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Sculpture: Mao Fa Peng Luan, 2013
Porcelain, horse hair

Ruudt Peters, Sculpture, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Sculpture: Cun Zai, 2013

Ruudt Peters, Sculpture, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Sculpture: Cun Zai, 2013
Porcelain, silver

Ruudt Peters, Sculpture, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Sculpture: Cun Zai, 2013
Porcelain, glass

Ruudt Peters, Sculpture, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Sculpture: Cun Zai, 2013

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Purple Heaven zi xia, 2013
Bluestone, silver
11,4 x 12,8 x 1,2 cm

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Purple Heaven zi xia, 2013
Bluestone, silver
11,4 x 12,8 x 1,2 cm

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Yellow Steam huang zheng qi, 2013
Bluestone, silver
14 x 10,5 x 1,2 cm

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Red Solar hong tai yang, 2013
Bluestone, silver
9 x 9,6 x 1,2 cm

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2013
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Black Sand hei sha, 2013
Bluestone, silver
10,8 x 10 x 1,2 cm

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2011
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Corpus Cauda, 2011
Polyurethan, silver

Ruudt Peters, Wall Piece, 2011
Ruudt Peters
Wall Piece: Corpus Costa, 2011
Polyurethan, silver

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2011
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Corpus Tuba, 2011
Polyurethan, silver

Ruudt Peters, Piece, 2009
Ruudt Peters
Piece: ANIMA "devota", 2009
Anodised aluminium
8.2 x 9 x 7 cm

Ruudt Peters, Pendant, 2008
Ruudt Peters
Pendant: Lingam 5, 2008
Silver, galvanized silver, wood, silver leave, silver paint, rubber
36 x 16 x 16 cm

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2008
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Sandalfon, 2008
Silver, glass
15 x 8,5 x 4 cm
Sefiroth series

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2008
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Haniël, 2008
Silver, glass
15 x 8 x 5 cm
Sefiroth series

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2004
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Thenardiet, 2004
Silver, polyester
Azoth series

Ruudt Peters, Pendant, 2002
Ruudt Peters
Pendant: Iosis, 2002
Silver, silk, polyester, fabric
Iosis series

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 2000
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Pneuma 9, 2000
Gold, polyester
74 x 34 x 34 mm
Pneuma series

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 1998
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Adamica, 1998
Stearite, paraffin, plaster
76 x 44 x 30 mm
Albedo series

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 1997
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Xanthosis, 1997
Silver, sulphur
85 x 65 x 85 mm
Lapis series

Ruudt Peters, Ring, 1994
Ruudt Peters
Ring: Mibladen, 1994
Silver, desert rose
30 x 40 x 60 mm
Ouroboros series

Ruudt Peters, Pendant, 1992
Ruudt Peters
Pendant: Antinoüs, 1992
Silver, black pearl
74 x 74 x 80 mm
Passio series

Ruudt Peters, Brooch, 1990
Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Antholin, 1990
70 x 60 x 32 mm
Interno series

Ruudt Peters, Necklace, 1974
Ruudt Peters
Necklace: Al-Ru, 1974
Aluminium, rubber
150 x 150 x 40 mm


Beginning in the 1970's, Ruudt Peters, a pioneering Dutch conceptual jewellery artist, challenged traditional definitions of adornment by pushing the boundaries of context, wearability, materials and presentation. A leader in art jewellery in Holland, Peters exemplifies a mode of expression that is unmistakably Dutch, He has exerted a strong influence on the development of contemporary jewellery as an artist and as a professor at some of the most prestigious universities in Europe, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts in Stockholm, where he has taught till 2009. on the moment Peters is professor at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery school Firenze Italy.

Lost & found

Travellers to strange and distant realms, and anyone who has ever seen the film Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola, 2003), knows the mixture of desperation, disorientation and melancholy that catches up with a tourist who stays any length of time in foreign lands. Jewellery maker Ruudt Peters had a similar experience during his stay in China in 2012. Apart from the overwhelming presence of billions of Chinese, it entailed being immersed in a country that appears to be losing itself in lightning-fast economic and social developments. At the cultural level the Chinese penchant for collectivism, which reaches back to the Confucian predilection for harmony, is the most obvious difference. It is no wonder that Ruudt Peters, who as a Westerner and an artist in fact has a double dose of individuality, often felt himself to be a castaway in an ocean of Chinese. At the same time his sensibility as an artist enabled him to transform the experiences which he encountered during his stay in China into a productive substratum for his creative process. Peters brought about this transformation in two ways: first by constructing a thematic bridge to the rest of his oeuvre, and second by making use of China's status as the workshop of the world.

With regard to the first point, the thematic link between this recent work and the rest of his oeuvre, the bridge was obvious: alchemy. Alchemy is, it so happens, undeniably a (if not the) leitmotif in Ruudt Peters's oeuvre. For a jewellery maker – a discipline in which metals (precious and otherwise) and gemstones traditionally play an important role - that is not an unusual source of inspiration. Thus it is equally no surprise that Peters, while visiting China, should delve into the Chinese alchemistic tradition, although the outcomes of his investigations are.
During his stay in China, which included a period working at the C.E.A.C. (Chinese European Art Center) in Xiamen, the differences between the Western and Chinese alchemistic traditions quickly became clear to him. Chinese alchemy is more oriented to the inner self and to the life force, Qi. This word has therefore become the all-encompassing title for the series of works which have arisen out of his visit to China.
In the Western alchemistic tradition, in which Peters is well grounded, the emphasis has historically been more on the materialistic aspects, chief among which has been the transmutation of lead into gold.
Peters's explorations of Chinese alchemy led chiefly to the insight that it formed a world, if not a cosmos, of its own. While it was impossible, during the time he was there, to thoroughly investigate this, on the basis of the knowledge he already had and the fact that the various alchemistic traditions do necessarily overlap, he was able to develop a general picture of the situation. Moreover, alchemy is not an exact science. It is rather a 'proto-science', in which the intuitive prevails over the rational.
That intuitive element also contributes to the fact that the theme of alchemy is so fascinating to Peters. It engages well with the way in which he creates his work. For instance, for years now he has used blind drawing as a way to disconnect from the rational and come directly into contact with the subconscious. While staying in China he registered the daily deluge of impressions in this manner.

The second method by which Peters succeeded in building a bridge between East and West is an extension of this way of working. He had Chinese handcraftsmen execute his work under his supervision. In itself, this is far from unusual. It is just that where most clients frenetically attempt to retain control, Peters sought the point at which he risked losing control.
He went the farthest in this in the three series of works in which his drawing method has been given its most direct repercussions, the brooches, pendants and steles. Blind drawings from his travel diary appear on the brooches and the pendants. In the series entitled Hun, which means 'soul', these drawings were transferred onto bluetone in a workshop by craftsmen. New blind drawings were made on photos of these brooches; after their arrival in Amsterdam these drawings were translated into lines in silver on the bluestone brooches. For the brooches of the Shen ('spirit') series, using a laser the blind drawings were cut into agate in China, and in Amsterdam silver lines were then added on the back – lines which are visible through the transparent agate.

In the case of the steles – Ba xian (immortal 'saints' from Taoist tradition) – the original drawings were transferred 1 : 1. The artist could only direct any of the steps at which he was not present in person by means of e-mails and photos. This manner of deliberately letting go of his control over the artistic process (at least partially) allows the works to liberate themselves from individual experience, attaining universal expressiveness.

A good example of how Ruudt Peters translates a personal experience into an artwork is found in the group of 99 human figures entitled Cun zai (being/ to be). This work arose from a visit to the terracotta army of Emperor Jing Di. In contrast to the terracotta army of Xi-an, this lesser-known army was realized at half life-size. In addition, Jing Di's soldiers are no longer standing in ranks. After their clothing and moveable wooden arms rotted away, they tumbled over on one another.
This confusion of half-humans resonated so powerfully with Peters that he wanted to assemble his own army. Ultimately that became a company of 99 men. Following the 'dissociative' approach described above, he had moulds of meridian models from acupuncture combined and transformed by others. Subsequently he himself, in China and back in The Netherlands, made additions referring to specific experiences during his trip to China, transforming the uniform mass into a collection of individuals.

This sculptural group therefore best embodies the synthesis between East and West that Ruudt Peters has achieved with his manner of working. In drawing on his knowledge of Western alchemy to delve into Chinese alchemy, he has, in a quite spontaneous manner, been able to make substantive connections between his oeuvre as it has developed to this time, and becoming acquainted with another culture. As a result, these works are not Fremdkorper within his oeuvre.
More important, however, is the detached manner in which the work has been created. Peters, as an artist, and as an individual, has consciously kept his distance. In this way he has allowed something of the Taoist thought and the collectivism which is so definitive for Chinese culture to enter into his artistic process. And in this way Peters also refutes Rudyard Kipling's famous lines, “East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.”
By letting go of the Western notion of authenticity in favour of a more collective and disengaged approach to the work, he has generated unexpected and ambiguous results. For example, both the weather-beaten faces of the ba xian and the Chinese mountain landscapes that are often depicted on paper scrolls can be discerned in the drawings on the steles.
Ruudt Peters did not journey to the Far East in quest of truth, as have so many others before (and after) him. Yet it would seem that he wants to share a piece of wisdom with us in these works.

Perhaps it can be phrased as follows: lost and found are two sides of the same coin.
Or did I read that in a fortune cookie somewhere?

Fredric Baas MFA


Ruudt Peters, 1950, Naaldwijk, the Netherlands.
Lives and works in Amsterdam, Ravenstein, the Netherlands 

1974- today self-employed visual artist.

1970-1974 studied Jewellery design at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam NL 
1967-1970 studied Medical Instrumentmaker at Fysiological Labor, Leiden NL

2013 Nomination “Harrie Tillie Award” (for Corpus) Stedelijk Museum, Roermond, NL
2005 Marzee Award 2005 Gallery Marzee Nijmegen NL
2004 Herbert Hofmann Award 2004 (for Iosis) Munchen G
2000 Françoise van den Bosch Award 2000 (for oeuvere) Amsterdam NL 
1995 Nomination Design Prijs Rotterdam '95 (for Ouroboros) Rotterdam NL
1993 Nomination 'Design Prijs Rotterdam' (for Passio) Rotterdam NL | 'Only One' prize, design of perfume bottle (for Passio)
1991 Nomination for the "Lage Landen Prijs",(for Interno) Kunstrai 91Amsterdam NL

CODA Apeldoorns Museum Apeldoorn NL | Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, USA
2012 Schmuck Museum, Pforzheim G
2011 SM’s Stedelijk Museum, Hertogenbosch NL | Mint Museum craft&design Charlotte NC,USA | Schmuck Museum, Pforzheim G
2010 Mint Museum craft&design Charlotte NC,USA, gift by Susan C. Beech | Victora & Albert Museum, London, UK | The Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA, gift by Rita E. Newman
Purchase: Racine Art Museum, Wisconsin, USA by: Donna Schneier | Purchace: Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC- USA. by: Donna Schneier
2007 Purchase: Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht, NL, by: Ruudt Peters | Schmuck Museum, Pforzheim G | Alice and Louis Koch Collection, Swiss | Mint Museum craft&design Charlotte NC,USA
2006 Purchase: Museum of Art and Design MAD New York, USA, by Susan Lewin | Purchace: Mint Museum craft&design Charlotte NC, USA by: Susan Beech | Museum Catharijneconvent, Utrecht, NL
2005 Purchase: Houston Museum, Houston, USA, by: Ruudt Peters
2004 Staatliches Museum für angewandte Kunst Design in Pinakothek der Moderne, Munchen | On permanent loan from the Danner Foundation, Munchen G
2003 Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, G | Amsterdams Historisch Museum NL | Schmuck Museum, Pforzheim G
2002 Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem NL | CODA Apeldoorns Museum Apeldoorn NL | Schmuck Museum, Pforzheim G
2001 Musee des Arts Decorative, Paris F | Schmuck Museum, Pforzheim G | RISD Museum, Providence USA
2000 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam NL 

2014 External critic Akademie für Bildenden Kunste Nürnberg DE
2013 Opponent Ädellab, Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts, Stockholm SE
2011-2013 External critic Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam NL
2010 External critics Het Sieraad Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, NL
2010-today Professor Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School Florence, IT
2009 Visiting Professor Cranbrook Academy of Art, 
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
 USA | Visiting Professor PHL University College Hasselt, BE
2007 Extential examinator RISD school of design Providence USA 2004-2009 Professor Ädellab Konstfack | University of Arts and Crafts Stockholm SE Visiting Professor South Carelia Polytechnic Lappeenranta, FIN
2003 Extential examinator Konstfack Metal department Stockholm SE
2001- today Founder Opere International Jeweleryschool, Ravenstein, NL
1991 Extential examinator Hogeschool v.d. Kunsten, Utrecht NL
1990-2000 Head of Jewelry Department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam NL 1983-1990 Teacher High school for the Arts Constantijn Huygens, Kampen NL

Guest curator:
2011 Curator “Look” Galerie Caroline van Hoek in Munchen DE
2010 Guest curator “Lingam” World Craft Counsel BF Mons BE | Guest curator “Lingam” exhibition Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht.NL
2009 Curator “Lingam” exhibition Konstfack University of Arts,Craft and Design Stockholm SE
2005 Organisator “Identity” seminar Kulturhuset Stockholm SE
1997-2000 Co-organisator 'Rietveld naar de Beurs' NL

Juror “Art Jewelry Forum Artist Award” USA 2013
Juror “so fresh” jewellery award by Pierre Lang Vienna. AU
2007 Juror Vermeulen Brauckman Award Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht.NL | Juror Absolute Beauty 16e International Silverart Competition Legnica Poland
2007-2009 Juror Dutch Design Award Eindhoven. NL
2005 Juror personal selection SCHMUCK 2006 Munchen G

Solo exhibitions (selection):
2013 “Qi” Gallery Spektrum Munchen DE | “Qi” Gallerie Rob Koudijs Amsterdam NL | “Qi” Art Basel Miami Design, Basel by Gallery Ornamentum, SW
2012 Corpus” Gallery Spektrum Munchen DE
2011 “Lingam “ Art Basel Miami Design, Basel by Gallery Ornamentum, SW | “Corpus” Gallerie Rob Koudijs Amsterdam NL | “Anima” solo Galerie Spektrum Munchen DE | “Anima” Gallery Hiko, Hiko Mizuno , Tokyo JP
2010Anima” Gallery Antonella Vilanova, Florence IT | “Introduction” Gallerie Rob Koudijs Amsterdam NL | “Philosopher Stone” MAD museum Santiago de Chille CL | “Platina” solo Miami/Basel Design, Galerie Caroline van Hoek, SW | “Anima” solo SOFA NY by Ornamentum Hudson USA | “Anima” Galerie Marzee Nijmegen. NL | “Lingam” Galerie Caroline van Hoek, Brussel, BE
2008 “Lingam” Galerie Phoebus Rotterdam.NL
2007 “Sefiroth” Galerie Spektrum Munchen G | “Sefiroth” Mass Art college of art and design Boston USA | “Sefiroth” Ornamentum Hudson NY USA | “Alchemy” Gallery Beatrice Lang Bern SW
2006 “Sefiroth” Galerie Marzee Nijmegen. NL | “Change & Installations” CODA museum Apeldoorn NL | “Iosis” Hnoss galery, Gothenburg, S | “Change” SCA Gallery, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney, AUS | “Iosis” Hnoss galery, Gotenburg, S | “Change” SCA Gallery, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney, AUS
2005 “Azoth” Ornamentum Hudson NY USA | “Iosis” Metal Gallery Copehagen DE | “Azoth” Platina Stockholm SE | “Azoth & Iosis” Galerie Marzee Nijmegen NL | "Change” Kulturhuset Stockholm, SE | “Azoth” Ornamentum Hudson NY USA | “Iosis” Metal Gallery Copehagen DE | “Azoth” Platina Stockholm SE | “Azoth & Iosis” Galerie Marzee Nijmegen NL | “Change” Kulturhuset Stockholm, SE 
2004 “ der stein trügt” Villa Bengel, Idar Oberstein, G | “ der stein trügt” Villa Bengel, Idar Oberstein, G | “Change” Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau, G | “Azoth” galerie Spektrum Munchen G | “Change” Bayerische Kunstverrein Munchen,G
2003 “Change” Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim, G | “Change” Designmuseum, Gent, B | “Change” Beurs van Berlage Museum, Amsterdam NL
2002 “Change” Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem NL | “small change” Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen NL | galerie Spektrum Munchen, G | Hnoss gallery Götenborg S
2001 galerie Marzee, Nijmegen NL | galerie Spektrum, Munich G | galerie Jewelerswerk, Washington dc USA
2000 galerie Chobot, Vienna AU | galerie Marzee, Nijmegen

Group exhibitions (selection):
2013 2013 Beijing InternationalJewelry Art Exhibition’ Milenium Museum Beijing CE | ‘Lahti’ Korut 84 GHZ Kultur im Keller Munchen DE | “this is where they met” with Paul Fleming Jewellery Sessions, Platina NMM Munchen DE | “Harrie Tillie Award” Stedelijk Museum, Roermond, NL | “Sarabande” Galerie Koudijs, Amsterdam, NL |
2012 “Kama, Sesso e design” Museum Triennale di Milano, Milano IT |  “unexpected Pleasures” Design Museum ,Shad Thames, London GB | “pilot exhibit 10 years - Re: Jewellery Caibai Jewellery, Beijing, CN | “10 years - Re: Jewellery” Cafa Museum, Beijing, CN | “Fringe” UBI gallery, Beijing, CN | “Kindred Spirit with Evert Nijland” Imatra Art Museum, Imatra, FI | “Hommage a Baudelaire” Galerie Baudelaire Antwerpen BE | ‘Lahti’ Korut 84 GHZ Lahti FI | Sobre Schmuck 12 Valencia Arte y Joyaby Jose Marin y Tomas Palos SP | “unexpected Pleasures” National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, AU | Joieria Contemporania, Museu Valencia de la il ilustracio Valencia SP | “The Spirit of Stone” Villa Bengel, Idar Oberstein, G | Sofa NY represented by Ornamentum, Hudson, USA | “Under Construction”, Marq, Museum of Architecture, Buenos Aires AR | Schmuck 2012 Handwerkkammer Munchen G
2011 Kitsch tra Arte Ornamento” Graziella Folchini Grassetto, Padova, I | “The Spirit of Stone” Imatra Art Museum Imatra FI | “Judaism A World of Stories” De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam, NL | “Jewellery Unleashed” curator: Liesbeth den Besten, MMKA Arnhem, NL | “Premio per il gioiello contemporaneo fondazione Cominelli, Brescia, I | “Communication and Innovation” Modern Art Center Millenium Momument Beijing, China | “Open Mind” Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea | Design Art Basel Miami Design, Basel by Gallery Ornamentum, SW | “The Ring” Gallery Hnoss, Gotenborg SE | “Friedrich Becker Prize” Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hannau, DE | “Carraresi's Padua in Contemporary Jewellery” Oratorio San Rocco Padova IT | Collect London preview by Gallerie Rob Koudijs Amsterdam London GB | Object Rotterdam by Gallerie Rob Koudijs Amsterdam NL | “The Spirit of Stone” South Karelia Museum, Lappeenranta FI | Art Karlsruhe represented by Gallery Spektrum Munchen G | Art Bologna First represented by Gallery Antonella Vilanova Florence IT
2010 Florentine Portraits’ by Federico Cavicchioli at Antonella Villanova, Florence IT | Pan Amsterdam Galerie, Marzee NL | ‘the plastic show‘ Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, USA | “Anima Platina” Gustav Knokke represented by Galerie Caroline van Hoek, BE | Materia e Colore” Graziella Folchini Grassetto, Padova, I |  “Preziosa 2010 DialoGhi” Leopoldine old Cloister, Firenze, I | “Lingam” World Craft Counsel BF Mons BE | “Lingam” 122 fertility symbols Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht NL | “Glass Wear” Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, AL, USA | Ornamentum, Art Basel Miami Design, Miami USA
2009 Lingam” Konstfack Univerity of Craft and design Stockholm SE | “Het Nieuwe Versieren” Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem NL | ‘Anniversary 10 year Platina Stockholm SE | “Body/Image” Richmond Centre Western Michigan University Kalamazoo USA | “Glass Wear” MAD Museum of Arts & Design, New York, USA | “Glass Wear” Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, Rochester, USA | “Glass Wear” Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christie, USA
2008 “Design Miami” Ornamentum, Miami USA |  “Dutch masters” Graziella Folchini Grassetto, Padova, I | “Just Must” the Great Guild House, Estonian History Museum, Talin, ES | “Now & Then” Kath Libbert Jewellery, Saltaire UK | “Collezionismo a Padova” Graziella Folchini Grassetto, Padova, I | “Crack and Taste” Artsts discover ceramics, Tiendschuur Tegelen NL | ”From hand to hand” Mudac Lausanne CH | “Trienale europeenne Du Bijou contemporaine, Mons, BE | “Jewellery, Anthology from Our OwnCollection”, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, NL | “Masters of Disguise” Mint Museum, Charlotte, USA | “Framing-The Art of Jewelry” Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland Oregon, USA | “New Dutch Design via Budapest” Gödör Klub, Budapest, HO | “Glass Wear” Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim, D | “Ornament as Art” Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington DC, USA | “Glass Wear” Glazen Huis Vlaams centrum voor Hedendaagse Glaskunst, Lommel, BE | “Schmuck” Internationalen Handwerksmesse, Munich, D | “Schmuck” School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University, UK | “Schmuck” Miejska Galeria Sztuki, Gallery Willa, Lodz, PL
2007 “Hnoss depended” Röhsska Museet, Gotenborg, SE | “Glass Wear” Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo Ohio, USA | “Jewelry by Artists” Daphne Ferago Collection Museum of Fine Arts Boston, USA | “Beyond Material” gallery Lous Martin Delft, NL
2006 Annual Earing Show Ornamentum Hudson, USA | Plus 5 Gallery Spektrum Munich, G | “Elengancia Holandesa” Essential Arts La Paz, Bolivia | “The Necklace Show” Velvet da Vinci San Francisco, USA | “No body decoration” Lucca Preziosa 2006, I | “How to love juicy jam & jags” Drud & Koppe gallery Copenhagen, DK
2005 “Azoth” Ornamentum SOFA Chicago, USA | “Fools Gold” Embassy gallery Edinburgh, GB | “Maker-Wearer-Vieuwer” The Glasgow School of Art, GB
2004 L´Or Bijoux d´Europe Hotel de Ville Audebrand, F | “Collect” artfair Victoria & Albert Museum London, GB | “Schmuck 2004” Handwerkskammer Munchen G | “Meeting points” 25 year Arco at Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian Lisbon, P | Attribution 18: Twaalfdelig en meer Fonds BKVB Amsterdam, NL | “International Showcase” Contemporary Applied Arts London, G
2003 Gallery Friederike Glück, Stuttgart, G | “The link to the body” Le Porte Object, Nime, F | “Dutch souvenirs” EKWC Spazio Consolo Milaan, I
2002 Experiment Schmuck Schmuck museum Pforzheim, G | earrings 10 year Hnoss gallery Götenborg, S | Experiment Schmuck Anger museum Erfurt, G | “Nature and Time” Goldsmiths´House Hanau, G | “No polisch without friction” Centraal Museum Utrecht, NL | “el broche” Forvm Ferlandina, Barcelona, SP | “pièce / à / conviction” Tactile, Geneve Ch | “Floating time, 21 tiaras for Maxima” Museum Het Kruithuis s-Hertogenbosch NL | “Dis Play” Proposal for Municipal Art Acquisitions Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.NL | “Blow Up” avant-garde jewellery Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam NL
2001 "Ringe von 33 Schmuckkunstlern" Galerie Stühler Berlin G | "20 jahre Galerie Spektrum" Spektrum Munchen G | Jewellery Almere's choice, Marzee, de Paviljoens Almere NL | Jewellery Apeldoorn's choice, Marzee, van Reekum Museum, Apeldoorn NL | "A Public Space Odyssey" Arti Amsterdam NL | "Mikromegas", American Craftmuseum New York USA | Kunstrai, Marzee Amsterdam NL | "Ambtsketens", Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam NL | "Mikromegas", Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein, Munchen D | "the Ring", Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge USA | Coincides with A View by two, Hellen Drutt, Philadelphia USA | "A View by two", The RISD Museum, rovidence, USA
2000 "The ego adorned" Koningin fabiolazaal, Antwerp B | "Parures d'alleurs", Musée de design, Lausanne CH | "Op de huid" Museum voor moderne kunst Arnhem NL | 'La renaissance du Bijou', Galerie Piltzer, Paris, F | Kunstrai Marzee NL | 'Schmuck 2000', Handwerksmesse, München, G | 'Kunst hautnah', K-haus, Vienna, AU | 'Sculptures portables', Musee des arts decoratifs, Montreal, A | 'Alternative material exhibition', SAC, Boston, USA | 'Jewelrymaker: shaman?', Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam NL 

2013 ‘Waidan Neidan’ Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing CE | “Life” Ädellab, Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts, Stockholm SE | “Fuck China do I love you ?” Ceac Tetterode gebouw Amsterdam.NL
2012 “Koru4” Kindred Spirit together with Evert Nijland Imatra Art Museum Imatra FI | “Philosopher Stone” Atta Gallery, BAC centre Bangkok TAI | “Philosopher Stone” National Academy of the Arts Oslo, N | “Philosopher Stone” Under Construction, FADU Buenos Aires AR
2011 “Philosopher Stone” “Communication and Innovation” Modern Art Center Millenium Momument Beijing, China | “Philosopher Stone” Open Mind Seminar Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, KR | “Philosopher Stone” Hiko Mizuno College, Tokyo, JP
2010 “Anima” SOFA New York 2010, Lecture Series, New York, USA | “Lingam” World Craft Counsel BF Mons BE | “Anima & Lingam” Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, NL | “Lin2013 ‘Life’ Estonian Academy of Arts Talinn ES
2009 “No Pain No Gain” Western Michigan University Kalamazoo USA | “No Guts No Glory” PHL University College Hasselt B
2008 “Birth of an idea” DOK architects Amsterdam NL | WCC.BF “trienale europeenne Du Bijou contemporaine Conference Mons BE
2007 Mass Art college of art and design Boston USA | ESBA Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts Genève SW | Design INDABA 10 Cape Town South Africa | Visual Arts Department University of Stellenbosch South Africa
2006 University of Ulster, Belfast IR | Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art an Design Dundee Schotland UK | JMGA, Sydney Conference, Sydney, AUS
2005 MAD, Museum Art & Design, New York NY, USA | Sofa, Chicago- Art Fair, Chicago USA | Dankske Kunsthandvaerkeres Copenhagen, DE | Edinburg College of Art Edinburgh GB | symposium Maker- Wearer- Viewer Glasgow school of Art GB
2004 Fachhochschule Trier, Idar-Oberstein G | Bayerische Handwerkkammer Munchen G | Gulbenkian Museum Lisboa P
2003 Fachhoghshule Phorzheim G | Konstfack Stockholm S | Faberge Art Foundation st Petersburg USSR
2002 “Beyond Adornment” Symposium, Swedish Research Institute, Istanbul, TR
2001 Fachhochschule Trier, Idar-Oberstein G | 'Ongoing series' Paviljoens Almere NL | PLE roundtableconference "desing and artistic research" Arezzo I | Aedes lecture for sociale housing corporations. Pampus, NL | de edelevriend, Rietveld Academie Amsterdam NL | "the Ring" Symposium, Mass College of Art, Boston USA | Kunstgespräche with Peter Skubic at Chobot Wien, AU
2000 Lecture for Fashion and Design Initiative, Zwolle NL | Nutida Svenskt Silver, Stockholm S


2014 Workshop “Face Now” Opere International Jewelleryschool, Ravenstein NL
2013 Workshop ‘Air’ Estonian Academy of Arts Talinn EST | Workshop “Now Roots” Opere International Jewelleryschool, Ravenstein NL
2012 Workshop “Afflatus” together with Evert Nijland Saimaa University Imatra FI | Workshop “Red” Central Academy of Fine Art CAFA Beijing CH | Workshop “Dream Now” Opere International Jewelleryschool, Ravenstein NL
2011 Workshop “Air” Kookmin Art/Design University Seoul KR | Workshop “Air” Hiko Mizuno College, Tokyo, JP | Workshop “Breath Now” Opere International Jewelleryschool, Ravenstein NL
2010 Workshop “Amore i Odio” Pamela de Fuente, Santiago de Chile, CL | Workshop “Now Move” Opere International Jewelleryschool, Ravenstein NL
2009 Workshop “HATE” Western Michigan University Kalamazoo USA | Workshop “Now Source” Opere International Jewelleryschool, Ravenstein NL
2007 Workshop “Fuck You” Ädellab Konstfack at Ravenstein NL | Workshop “Flags” Ädellab Konstfack Stockholm SE | Workshop “ Fly Now” Opere International Jewelleryschool, Ravenstein NL
2006 Workshop “Reli Now” Ädellab Konstfack at Ravenstein NL | Workshop “Hungrig” Ädellab Konstfack Stockholm SE | Workshop “Now Tree” Opere International Jewelleryschool, Ravenstein NL
2005 Workshop “LookNow” Opere International Jewelleryschool, Ravenstein NL | Workshop “Hate” Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh GB | Workshop “People” Identity Ädellab Konstfack Stockholm SE
2004 Workshop “Now Chaos” Opere International Jewelleryschool, Ravenstein NL | Workshop “People on the street” Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg, B | Workshop “Jewellery for someone” South Carelia Polytechnic, Lappeenranta, FIN
2003 Workshop " Now You" Opere, Ravenstein NL | Workshop “Jewellery for someone” Zeichenacademie Hanau G
2002 Workshop "female-male" HDK Götenborgs university S
2001 Workshop "Here and Now" Opere, Ravenstein NL
2000 Workshop "Alchmia" Sipakorn university, Bankok TH | Workshop "La pietra filosofale" Le Arti Orafe, Firenze I | workshop (Rietveld Academie) Kondagon India


2010 scolarship, the Netherlands Foundation for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture
2008 scolarship, the Netherlands Foundation for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture
2002 projectsubsidy for CHANGE Amsterdams Foundation for the Arts Amsterdam | projectsubsidy for CHANGE Foundation Kunst& Meerwaarde Amsterdam |  projectsubsidy for CHANGE Mondriaan Foundation Amsterdam | projectsubsidy The Netherlands Foundation for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture
2001 scolarship Europeën Ceramic Work Centre s´ Hertogenbosch
2000 scolarship, The Netherlands Foundation for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture | grant from Mondriaan Foundation Amsterdam


2009 sketch “coin 400 year trade Netherland-Japan” ministery of finance Den Haag NL
2006 “Fountain” Jheronimus Bosch Art Center ’s-Hertogenbosch NL
2004 “as Above as Under” Liturgical Silverware, AFK & FU Amsterdam NL
2003 ‘’Ritual’’ Urban Art plan, Zutphen Leesten-oost NL | ‘’Art as business gift’’ Cultuurfonds foundation BNG NL | “H2olland” Dutch Souvenirs, EKWC-Cor Unum NL
2002 ‘Helix’ enviremental sculpture for Hoofdddorp NL
2001 "tiara Maxima" Museum Kruithuis, Den Bosch NL

Exhibition Design in collaboration with Leo Versteijlen

2010 “Lingam” 122 fertility symbols Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht NL
2003 “Gemengd Douchen” 100 jaar korfbal in Nederland, Kunsthal Rotterdam. NL
2000 “Gezicht van Amsterdam” Gemeente Archief Amsterdam. NL
1998 “Holland zonder haast” Maria Austria Foundation Gem. Archief Amsterdam. NL


2013 Forum “Identity’ Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing CE
2010 Turnov on tour, Tarragona CZ-SP
2009 Hommage a Erna Masarovicova Bratislava SK | co-curator seminar “Blood & Sperm” Ädellab Konstfack Stockholm SE
2007 curator seminar “Flags” Ädellab Konstfack Stockholm SE
2005 curator seminar “Identity” Kulturhuset Stockholm SE
1999 curator "Shaman:Jewelrymaker?" Rietveld Academie Amsterdam NL | Kunstgespräche, "Love" Mieger AU
1996 Turnov Garnet symposium, Turnov Chzech Republic
1995 6e Erfurter Schmuck Symposium, Erfurt G



Ruudt Peters is giving workshops at Art Academies around the world as well as at his private school, Opere. He deals with different themes, like: here and nOw, male-female, cOw nOw, change, lOOk nOw.

For the past 10 years Peters was connected with the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, as the head of the jewellery department. In Opere he continues his activities as a teacher with private courses, aiming at students or graduates of art academies and artists and designers that are searching for a greater depth in their work.

Jewellery departments of Art schools can apply for a working period at his summer studio in Ravenstein, NL: like the Mass Art University, Boston USA, that booked a period of 2 weeks in 2003.


Articles (selection):
“99 wezens met eigen levenservaring” by Ineke Suidman, Keramiek nr 6, NL | “Energeetiline Ruudt Peters” Sirp Eesti Kultuurileht, by Kadri Malk & Tanel Veenre EST | Quote 500 2013, photo Thijs Wolzak Amsterdam. NL |  Never Get Old” Current Obsession #2 by Marina Elenskaya, photo: Jan Hoek, Antwerp BE | “Dutch design met een Chinese toets”, Collect okt. 2013 | “25th Open Art” by gallery Spektrum Munchen DE | Ruudt Peters Qi - Rob Koudijs AJF Blog by Susan Cummins USA | Libanese magazine Qi by Ruudt Peters at Gallery Koudijs Amsterdam LI | Glass is more.com Ruudt Peters Qi news magazine BE | “interview with Ruudt Peters” Noovo Montly Newsletter August 2013 SP | Modern Magazine by Gallery Ornamentum USA | “Een sieraad verteld een verhaal” by Jeroen Junte., Zuiderlucht, March, Roermond, NL
2012 ‘Change invisible into visible’ Art and Design 155/2012/11 Beijing CE | ‘Rough hand in Silken glove’ Kunst .ee by Tanel Veenre EST | “Hommage a Baudelaire” Voetnoot Antwerpen BE
2011 ‘Korper und Geist’ by Ward Schrijver, Art Aurea Ulm, 4/2011 DE | ‘Iedereen ziet iets anders in mijn sieraden’ Parool 14 oct 2011 by Jolande te Roler NL
2010 ‘
Oog van de meester’ Elle Wonen 154 by Marc Heldens NL | ‘Lingam’, New York Times by John Tagliabue USA | Schmuckkreationen rund um den Phallus” by Gepa, Stuttgarter Zeitung. DE | ‘kurz und gut’ Ruudt Peters, Anima, Art Aurea, march nr1 DE | ‘Christianity measures up to other religions at fertility exhibit’ Cape Argus 16 febr. | ‘Veel bekijks penissen catharijneconvent’ De Telegraaf 9 febr. | ’De pénis als religieus symbool ‘ by Mark Zaremba, wereldjourlalisten.nl 10 febr. | ‘What are you looking for’ by Broes van Itteren, broesvitrine.blogspot.com | Lingam, Catharijneconvent, by Chris Reinewald, Kunst van de dag, www.galeries.nl | Fallussen in kerkelijk perspectief by Paul Hofman www.gk.nl Gaykrant 27 jan, NL | Fallussen uit respect voor verering en viering van leven en vruchtbaarheid, by Robin Bruinsma, Algemeen Dagblad,AD Agenda 16 jan. NL | 122 fallussen in het gelid, Stadsblad Utrecht by Peter Le Nobel Utrecht 20 jan. NL | ‘Creatief met fallus’ De Standaard Magazine, Antwerp 16 jan. BE | ‘Kunstige piemels’ CJP .site www.cjp.nl by Harmke Schippers NL | ‘Vrouwen konden beter reflecteren’ Volkskrant by Bob Witman 15 jan. NL | ‘Het scheppende gebaar’ VolZin nr 1, by Lisette Thooft NL
2009 ‘In the Midst of Color’ Metalsmith vol 29 nr 4 by Jamie Bennett USA
2008 Mondriaan Foundation, International Activities 2007, Amsterdam, NL | “Schmuck 2008“; Munich, DE | GZ art and design february 2008 G | “Jewelry is my Laboratory” Metalsmith jan 2008 by Liesbeth den Besten USA | Bijoux :Illustration et Design, maomao Publications, SP | European Jewelry Triennal, Mons, BE | Exhibition in Print by Ellen Lupton Metalsmith USA | “Een nieuw plein voor de stad” by Ed Hoffman Bossche Bladen NL | “Een klein juweel van staal, keramiek en water” kM magazin 62, by Kim Thehu. NL | “La Matière est un symbole” Please! Magazine. By Silvie Lambert Paris F | “Rook en water rieken naar vormen van Jeroen Bosch” Trouw 26 march 2007 Liesbeth den Besten | Jheronimus Bosch Art Center NOS journaal 18.00 hrs 24 March 2007 | “Fontein gaat water en rook brengen” Brabants Dagblad 16 March 2007
2006 “Diabolisch Vaatwerk” Items 4 by Liesbeth den Besten, | Ruudt Peters,”Zo boven-Zo onder” by Liesbeth de Jong, Centraal Weekblad nr. 21, NL | “Alkemi” by Linda Karlsson, Form, 2/06, SE | “Vaatwerk” by Andrea van Pol, Polshoogte, NHTV 20 April 2006 NL | “Ze wilden geen truttig liturgisch vaatwerk” by Liesbeth den Besten, Trouw April 7, NL | “Bärbart” by Erica Treijs Svensk Dagebladet 19 March 06, SE | “Ruudt Peters” by Ursula Ilse Neuman, American Craft. Apr 06 USA | “Clown Jewels” by Tracy Clement, The Sydney Morning Herald, feb.10, AU | “Birdinvest” cat. BE
2005 “Ruudt Peters”, by Love Jönsson, Kunsthankverk 2, Oslo, N | “Smykkets Alkymi “ by Pernilla Anker Kristensen, Kunststuff 6, Copenhagen, DK | “Passio & Ouroboros” by Pornpilai Meemalai Silpakon University Bangkok Tailand | Centraal weekblad by Liesbeth de Jong, Febr 25 2005 NL | “Häxmästare i smuckekonstens alkemi” by Erika Treijs Svensk Dagebladed Febr 12 SE | “Filosof & Smyckekonstnär” by Göran Hellström Di sajn 1, Stockholm , SE
2004 Metallic Yellow, Bulletin SM 06 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam NL | “Philosophischer Formensprachkünstler” by Werner Kurz, Hanauer Anzeiger 13 march G | Rubedo ceramic BK informatie number 1 – 2004 NL | De Verbinding “symboliek” by Jan Fromme, Gemeente Amsterdam | Ruudt Peters, galerie fur angewandte kunst Applaus Munchen, by Rudiger Heise G
2003 “Gedankliche Brucke zwischen Ost und West” Pforzheimer Zeitung by Sebastian Giebenrath G | “Schmuckphilosoph und Alchimist der Moderne” Pforzheimer Kronier, by Rita Reich G | “Annual Report” International Activities Mondriaan Foundation 2002 NL | Pforzheim Magazin, CHANGE, by Hellmut Telge, 17-10- | RTV Karlsruhe G | “Arbeiten von Ruudt Peters” UhrenJuwelenSchmuck 10/2003 G | “Helix in Verzetswijk bron van commotie” by Anja Maas, Circulaire 3 sept 2003 NL | “ Der magier und sein material” by Barbara Maas, Schmuck 3,okt.2003 G | “Gioie Protestanti” by Roberto Chilleri, Arte In 84 sept. 2003. I | Ruudt Peters na BvB in de Bakermat. Westlandsche Courant by Evelyne Lammerding | Kunstwerk vangt Buurtkinderen by Marina Verbeek, Haarlems Dagblad 12 mei 2003 NL | Jatko-opiskelijat Etela – Saimaa Lappeenranta 20 april 2003 FIN | Von Abbruch zum Aufbau, by Barbara Schmidt, GZ Zeitung, april 2003 G | Een mobiele 21ste-eeuwse Wunderkammer by Chris Reinewald, Museumvisie 03-1 NL | Uit in Leeuwarden, march nr 5 NL | “Sieraden in de kluis” by Maaike Staffhorst, Uitkrant, march NL | “Ik doe een beetje God na” by Maaike Staffhorst, Spits, 27 febr NL | 2003 Ruudt Peters ontwerpt scheikundige sieraden, by Edo Dijksterhuis, NRC, 24 febr | “Jewellery for cows” Later wordt het leuk T.V. by Dolf Jansen, 21 febr. NL | “Balkonhekken als metalen broches” by Mieke Zijlmans, Volkskrant, 20 febr.NL | “Verandering als constante” by Chris Reinewald Tableau nr 1 NL | “De magie van metalen” by Liesbeth den Besten, kM 44 NL
2002 “Geen opsmuk en amper draagbaar” by Chris Reinewald Financieel dagblad 21 dec NL | “Alchemie om je hals” by Martin Pieterse Gelderlander 22 nov NL | “Und es ward rot” by Barbara Maas Kunsthandwerk 6/2002 G | “Vanitas vanitatem est” by Anne Berk Kunstbeeld NL | Süddeutsche Zeitung 23 oct. 2002 G
2001 "Ruudt Peters or the seduction of matter" arte Yjoya, by Monica Gaspar, sept. 2001 SP | "Das Geschlecht der Steine" Süddeutsche Zeitung by Cornelius Hafner 27 july, G | "Ambtsketen blijft zaak van gewichtigheid" by Cees Straus Trouw 16 june 2001 NL | "eigentijdse versierselen" NRC 23/5, by Edo Dijksterhuis NL |  "ambtsketen nieuwe stijl" by Marijke Bovens, Binnenlands bestuur 18/06/2001 NL | "Kunst en kerk" by Peter van Kesteren, PI /2/2001 NL
2000 "Architectur im Schmuck" by Barbera Maas, Schmuck 6/2000 G | Symbolen van klantvriendelijkheid Almere NL | Ruudt Peters "preguntto que es la dpiedra para ti? by Elena Gastaldon Yjoya sept SP | 100 jewels 2001 international D | '"Medals" a dazzling display of invention', by E. Sozanski USA | "Sponti-ring" Gmunder tagepost by Roman Kocholl D | 'Galerie-Rundgang' by Erwin Meichart, Kronenzeitung, March D | 'Van kachelpijp tot lieveheersbeestje' by Anne Berk, Vitrine magazine, May | De Toegepastekunst KunstRai, Chris Reinewald NL | De zilver en juwelenronde Christian Oosterlinck Kwintessens B | "le art orafe" 18 karati, may, I | exhibition poster 'Sculptures portables', Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal | 'Scmuck 2000 - Rückblick Visionen'

“Qi” text by Fredric Baas
Anima” text by Monica Gaspar
2006Sefiroth’ text by Jorunn Veiteberg
2002Change’ text by Liesbeth den Besten,
1999 'Vinkhoek' text by Tracy Metz
1997 'Lapis', text by Gert Staal
1995 'Ouroboros', text by Jan Hein Sassen
1992 'Passio ', text by Marjan Unger
1991 'Interno', text by Ans van Berkum
1989 'Dedicated To', text by Ans van Berkum
1986 'Verleden beelden', by Cees Strauss

2013 ‘2013 Beijing InternationalJewelry Art Exhibition’ Milenium Museum Beijing CE | Jewellery design and development by Norman Cherry, Bloomsbury, UK | Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective Damian Skinner, AJF, Lark NY | The Global Forum of design Miami/Basel Design Basel
2012 “Kama, Sesso e design” Museum Triennale di Milano, Corraini Edizioni Milano IT | “10 years - Re: Jewellery” Cafa Museum, Beijing, CN | “jewelbook 12 13” stichting kunstboek Oostkamp, BE | “ Koru 4 kindred spirits” Imatra Art museum FI | ‘Lahti’ Korut Lachti Fin | Schmuck 2012 Handwerkkammer Munchen, G
2011 “Judaism A World of Stories” De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam, NL |  “On Jewellery” by Liesbeth den Besten, Arnoldsche Art Publishers. Stutgard DE | “Designers on Jewellery” Chi ha paura…? Arnoldsche Art Publishers. Stutgard DE | “Premio per il gioiello contemporaneo fondazione Cominelli, Brescia, I | “Communication and Innovation” Modern Art Center Millenium Momument Beijing, China | “Open Mind” Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea | “Kitsch tra Arte Ornamento” Graziella Folchini Grassetto, Cortina d’Ampezzo, I | “The Ring” Gallery Hnoss, Gotenborg SE | Contemporary Jewellers Inerviews with european artists by Roberta Bernabei GB | 21st Century Jewelry (the best of 500 series) Marthe le Van Larkbooks NY USA | Premio internazionale Mario Pinton “Carraresi's Padua in Contemporary Jewellery” Padova IT | “500 Silver Jewlery Design”, Lark Books, Sterling publishing, USA and UK
2010 “Gray Area Gris” Otro Diseno Foundation, Valeria Vallarta Siemelink, NL - MEX | ‘Jewelry by Artists’: In the Studio, 1940–2000 Daphne Farago Coll. by Kelly H. L’Ecuyer USA | “Dreaming Jewelry” by Miquel Abellan, Monsa Barcelona SP |  “Homage a Erna Masarovicova”, Bratislava, SL | “Lingam” Museum Catharijneconvent- Arnoldsche Publisers Utrecht-Stutgard NL-DE
2009 500 Plastic Jewlery Design, Lark Books, Sterling publishing, USA and UK | “Talking Hands” Seoul Metalsmith Bienale 2009 Seoul Korea | “Trunk” volume one: Hair Suzanne Boccalatte, Boccalatte Pty Ltd, Sydney, Au | “Garbage Pin Project” by Ana Carim, Klimt 02, Barcelona SP
2008 Gioielleria contemporanea”Maestri Olandesi” GR.20 studio, Padua, I | ”From hand to hand” Mudac Lausanne CH | Channels of communication Susan Beech-Rotasa Trust Tilburon California USA | Virtual Gallery of Contemporary Fine Metalwork ( CD ROM) by Kenneth Quickenden UK | 500 Wedding Rings, Lark Books, Sterling publishing, USA and UK
2007Hnoss depended” Röhsska Museet Gotenborg SE | ”Glass Wear” Arnoldsche DE | “Beyond material” by Liesbeth den Besten Gallery Lous Martin Delft NL
2006 “500 Necklage” by Marjorie Schick Lark Book New York USA
2005 “The Pendant Book of Jewelry” by Heather White , Lark Books, NY, USA | “New directions in jewellery” by Jivan Astfalck, Black Dog Publishing, UK | “De keuze van Schiedam” Marzee Nijmegen NL | 500 Brooches Lark Books, New York USA | Maker- Wearer- Viewer Glasgow school of Art GB
2004 L’or bijoux d’ Europe création contemporaine | Schmuck 2004 Handwerkkammer Munchen G | “meeting points” Gulbenkian Museum Lisboa P
2002 “ 21 tiaras for Maxima” Museum Het Kruithuis s-Hertogenbosch NL | "Onedel" Trees Moolhuysen, Schiedam NL | “Jewellery on Display”, S.M. bulletin by Liesbeth den Besten, NL
2001 "the Ring", Metalsmith by Patricia Harris and David Lyon USA | Opdrachten Beeldende Kunst in de Openbare Ruimte, AFK, Amsterdam. NL | "20 jahre Galerie Spektrum" Galerie Spektum München G | "the Ring" Mobilia gallery Cambridge USA | 'Jewellery Almere's choice',© Marzee | 'Jewellery Apeldoorn's choice',© Marzee | 'A Public Space Odyssey" New art in Amsterdam, NL | 'The Ring' Charles A Wustum Museum of fine Arts, Racine USA | 'de nieuwe keten van de burgemeester' by Liesbeth den Besten NL | 'Mikromegas' Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein, Munchen D | 'A View by two", The RISD Museum, rovidence, USA
2000 'op de huid' Museum v.Moderne Kunst Arnhem NL | 'Parures d'alleurs', Muséede design, Lausanne CH | 'Schmuck 2000'- Handwerksmesse München | 'Schmuck der Moderne', Pforzheim G

Radio / Television:
2010 “Platen Paradijs” KRO radio 5 by Erika Mannink & Tom Dirks Hilversum, NL | “Hollands Design” AVRO TV by Marlies Huitink Hilversum, NL | “Maha Shivaratri” OHM net TV Ned 2, by Alexander Valeton. 14 febr. NL | “ZinSpelen” by Erika Mannink, KRO RKK radio 5, Hilversum, 7 febr. NL | “De drijfveren van Ruudt Peters” Schepper & Co, NCRV Radio by Yko van der Groot, 31 jan. NL | “Spuiten en slikken” BNN TV by Geraldine Kemper, Hilversum, 21 febr. NL | Lingam German “Radio 1” by Hanna Ender, Berlin, 22 jan. DE | Kunststof TV. NPS, Ned 2, by Joost Karhof, Plantagestudio Amsterdam 17 jan. NL | BNN Today Radio 1, by Sjoerd Hilarius 15 jan. NL | Tros Nieuwsshow Radio 1, by Mieke van der Weij Hilversum. 16 jan. NL | RTV Utrecht Penistentoonstelling in Catharijneconvent, Utrecht 15 jan. NL
2009 Fazion kunst ,Munchen Schmuckt sich, by Jacqueline Kaess Farquet 17 .08.09 DE
2008 Radio Haarlemmermeer, by Jan Rijkema, Hoofddorp, NL
2007 Basta Formen Svensk smyckedesign by Matilda Alborn STV télévision SE
2006 “SBS Radio” interview, Jan 30, AU
2004 Avro Kunstblik Sieradenontwerper Ruudt Peters NL
2003 Rebeca Radio by Stefan Leur, 7 march 2003 NL | Westlandsche Omroep Stichting TV WOS REPORT by Martine van Dongen NL
2001 Onbekende bekenden AT5/TV by Hermi Ruyvekamp 9 july 2001 NL

Ruudt Peters
Text Monica Gaspar
Amsterdam Voetnoot publishers 2010
Tecnical data 14 x 20 cm Hardcover
72 pages colour photographs 
from 25 €

Jorunn Veiteberg (text)
Nijmegen : Marzee, 2006
Technical data: Full-colour photos. Text in Dutch and English.
from 25 €

Ruudt Peters: Azoth
Munich : Galerie Spektrum, 2004
Technical data: 16 pages
from 6 €

Liesbeth den Besten, Robert Kurvers, Marie-Jose van den Hout
Amsterdam : Voetnoot/Opere Varie edition, 2002
Technical data: 208 pages, 14 x 20 cm, full colour.
from 30 €

Gabi Dewald, Ruudt Peters.
Amsterdam : Voetnoot/Peters & Versteijlen BV, 2000
Technical data: 64 pages. Text in Dutch and English.
from 20 €.

Gert Staal
Amsterdam : Uitgeverij voetnoot, 1997
Technical data: 64 pages
ISBN/ISSN: 90 71877 40 X
from 20 €

Jan Hein Sassen
Amsterdam : Voetnoot/Opere Varie, 1995
Technical data: 62 pages, softbound with cover, full colour.
ISBN/ISSN: 90 71877 28 0
from 20 €

On sale at

Gallery Rob Koudijs

Antonella Villanova

Gallery Caroline van Hoek

Gallery Spektrum

Gallery Ornamentum

Peters , Ruudt
Berenstraat 17
1016 GG - Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 20 6257475
Telephone: +31 650293293 mobile
Fax: +31 20 6246865

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The philosopher stone
Tereza Seabra
Marijke Studio
Galerie Spektrum
Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School
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