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Dear Friends,

Coming September 2014 we are going to launch a new Klimt02 website. The improvements will be implemented in phases.

Since long time ago we have been working on a new Data Base and a new CMS. This new tools are more powerful and allow us to relate more and better the contents published at Klimt02.net, as well as future developments.

In the first phase of the web publication, you will mainly find a new graphic design with a new organization of the information of each item, a new structure for the related contents and a new access to information through a new search engine and a filter tool. We have also created a Sign Up option for users in order to be able to add comments, use whiteboard service, Vote (appreciated) your favorites items, and follow projects you are intersted in.

In the coming phases a working area for members will be added, where you will be able to access and manage information of your pages. A new Newsletter, a new section Jewels, where the connecting node of the related information will be the surfing pieces, a new section Videos and a new way to organize the works of the jewelers grouping the works in series: by year, by concept, by series of work… A new section will be created too where we will show the different professional profiles of people related and around the jewelry scene.

Step by step we will be adding new tools and will announce them at the web and through our newsletters.

Our idea is better information related in the best way and push on the idea of making klimt02.net an international useful network and a platform to connect to the Outsite World.

We are very excited about this and hope you will too.

Klimt02 Team

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Interview to Daniela Hedman
Nature is an important influence in my work and it can be seen in my choice of color, material and a sense of spirit that could represent something nordic. At the same time I work with very basic and fundamental themes, and I think I have quite a direct and simple expression that reaches something more universal.
Barcelona, Klimt02, 22.07.2014
Klimt02 in conversation with Kevin Hughes
Interview filmed on the occasion of the solo exhibition A Fickle Sonance by Kevin Hughes at Klimt02 Gallery in Barcelona in June 2014. Kevin explains us about the exhibition, research and work processes, the use of found objects and importance of the titles on these pieces, how he see the future works to come and why jewellery instead of any other creative discipline.
Barcelona, klimt02, 17.07.2014
Interview to Anna Vlahos
I create my pieces with nods to both the natural and historical. I hope for a viewer to get a sense of seeing objects that could come from a newly discovered horde or something equally at home on the forest floor.
Barcelona, Klimt02, 16.07.2014
Interview to Rita Rodner
My way to jewellery was through painting, drawing and photography and my works still reflect the two-dimensional attitude to forms and compositions. I like to show my jewellery pieces together with my other works as they all constitute a consistent statement.
Barcelona, Klimt02, 10.07.2014
Introducing Alkemisterna
Written by Sanna Svedestedt

09.07.2014 / 21:05 hrs.

Alchemy (noun): A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. The medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of materials to convert them into gold or to find a universal elixir. 

We are thrilled to announce a new project in the making. With funding from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee Diagonal will develop the project Alkemisterna. During 2014 we are making a pilot study of how
_ exhibitions
Gallery Ra presents a new body of works by Jorge Manilla. In this new pieces the artist uses organic materials, like wood and leather, and invites the viewers to find their own meaning.
Jorge Manilla: Beyond the Limits
Galerie Ra
Amsterdam, Netherlands
An exhibition by Tanel Veenre that shows his works work is clearly human oriented. The artist addresses psychological subjects and mainly seeks out for inner sources.
Tanel Veenre: Beyond the Animus
Galerie Ra
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Gioielli in Fermento 2014 will be hosted at the historic cellar of Dozza’s Rocca Sforzesca. In the opening of the exhibition you'll have the opportunity to attend a wine tasting, dedicated to the Malvasia di Candia grape variety.
Gioielli in Fermento at Dozza’s Rocca Sforzesca
Dozza’s Rocca Sforzesca
Dozza, Bologna, Italy
Menorca Contemporània is an exhibition that shows the potencial of the contemporary jewellery from Menorca. Despite being a small island, the exhibition shows several authors, mixing veterans and young artists.
Menorca Contemporània
Mallorca – Baleares, Spain
‘Shock and Awe’ is an exhibition of work by contemporary artists recently exposed to the front-line of war in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans. It is also a platform for artists who are fascinated by acts of remembrance, who use their art as a warning, as a form of protest at the wickedness of the world.
Back from the Front: Shock and Awe. Contemporary Artists at War and Peace
Royal West of England Academy
Bristol, United Kingdom
Gallery deux poissons will hold a solo exhibition by Xavier Ines Monclus with brooches as limited edition artworks and the unlimited collection "DINKY JEWELS".
Xavier Monclùs: Jewelry Exhibition
gallery deux poissons
Tokyo, Japan
The City Lit presents the exhibition "City and Guilds Jewellery" with works from students of the three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Alongside the City and Guilds students. The Emerging Makers in residence also exhibit their work.
City and Guilds Jewellery Exhibition
City Lit
London, United Kingdom
The artist is presenting work made in India as well as bodies of work of former periods. Obviously, Esther Brinkmann’s work is evolving in different directions but she regularly comes back and (re-)interpretes her most classical pieces.
Esther Brinkmann: Renewable Pleasures: The India Chapter
Gallery Chemould
Mumbai, India
Ruta Reifen explores in this exhibition the floral form and the natural world. In her pieces the artist captures the essence of her inspiration, resulting in pieces with flowing and natural lines.
Ruta Reifen: All is Dvash
Sienna Gallery
North Adams, United States
Sienna Gallery presents an exhibition by Mallory Weston, an emerging artist that explores contrast in the materials and meanings. The artist uses symbols of the teen culture, the emotions and emojis to express complex emotions, exploring the actual way of communication in the digital era.
Mallory Weston: Emerging artist platform
Sienna Gallery
North Adams, United States
Nora Rochel is presenting pieces in this collection that will draw our eye, leading to new discoveries about the essence of form and matter.
Nora Rochel: Ashen Lights
ring weimar
Weimar, Germany
>> View all the current and coming exhibitions
_ galleries
La Basílica Galería Temporary Exhibitions
Update of the gallery exhibition's program with the coming exhibition for August, "The anatomy of thoughts" by Jorge Manilla.
gallery deux poissons
Update of the gallery programme. Gallery deux poissons presents a solo exhibition by Xavier Monclús with 100 works, some of them from limited editions.
Sienna Gallery
Update of the gallery page with a new programme of coming exhibitions. Sienna Gallery presents this month a solo exhibition by Ruta Reifen, "All is Dvash".
L. A. Pai Gallery
Update of the gallery page with a new programme of coming events. L.A. Pai Gallery presents this month an exhibition by Stefan Duerst and Lydia Buxton.
Ariane Hartmann - Werkstattgalerie. zeitgenössischer Schmuck & Design
New gallery page for 2014. Visit Ariane Hartmann's new space and find works of the WORD Collection, Classics of the Motto collection as well Variations of CHANGE and Rainbow collection.
_ jewellers
Tanel Veenre
Update of the artist page with images of new works and a refreshed cv.
Xavier Monclús
New member of Klimt02
My work has changed since 2010, and this is clearly visible if we observe my practice in the twenty years that preceded this shift. Narrative compositions have been replaced by forms that allude more to the inherent qualities of materials. I am now more interested in representing the materials that buildings are made of rather than narrating what happened inside them.
Stephen Bottomley
Update of the artist page with a new coming exhibition: "Back from the Front: Shock and Awe - Contemporary Artists at War and Peace".
Manuela Gandini
I'm an endless experimenter with new materials and technologies and the aim of my work is to create contemporary jewellery for unconventional people.
Michelle Kraemer
Update of the artist page with a refreshed cv, a new statement, a new list of publications and images of new works.
Florence Jaquet
Update of the artist page with a new work, a refreshed cv, a new list of publications and a new place where you can buy her works.
Raïssa Bump
Update of the artist page with images of new works.
Kate Furman
Update of the artist page with a refreshed cv and an image of a new work.
Nicole Schuster
Update of the artist page with new works, a refreshed cv and statement, a new list where you can buy her works and the coming exhibitions.
Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro
Update of the artist page with an image of a new work.
Sam Mitchell
Update of the artist page with images of new works from the "Metamorphosis Series".
Maria Diana
New Member of Klimt02.
Maria Diana attended specialization curses in ceramic materials like stoneware, porcelain and ceramic and applied it in her research activity in the development of contemporary jewels. The same materials allow her to explore new expression frontiers.
William Llewellyn Griffiths
New Member of Klimt02.
I am a practicing contemporary jeweller, using modern technologies alongside ancient techniques to tailor my own specific method of making. I am greatly influenced by gothic revival architecture, the grandeur of medieval buildings and the unapologetic opulence of the rococo movement.
Selda Okutan
New Member of Klimt02.
Making Jewellery is passion for me and I call my designs, sculptural jewel with tiny figures. Every collection I created has a subject and every single item has a story of own.
Iliana Tosheva
As an artist and creator I dislike staying the same size and what has permanently inspired me over the years has always been a fleeting image of a less traditional shape, texture or colour that will take my breath away on a journey ‘back to nature’ (...).
_ awards
Z Jedwabnego My...
La Basílica Galería, invites all Polish jewellery artists to participate in the exhibition and award "Z Jedwabnego My...". On July 10th, 1941, the residents of the small Polish town of Jedwabne committed one of the biggest crimes against their own neighbours. The project “Z Jedwabnego My…” looks at examining the attitudes (past and present) towards the episode.
Barcelona, Spain
Talente 2015 Competition
Young artist working in the applied arts and technology will have the opportunity to show their work in the international competition TALENTE 2015 in Munich, Germany from 11th to 17th March 2015. The aim of TALENTE is to promote young people with a particular manual talent and to show an interested audience the enormous potential which lies in the new generation in crafts and trades.
Closing date for applications: 1st October 2014
Munich, Germany
_ workshops
A DIY workshop group get together with this collaborative challenge set: make at least 10 fresh pieces of work from the same laser cut design.
Melissa Cameron: One design
Studio 20/17
Waterloo, Australia
Studio 20/17 presents a workshop by Vicki Mason where students will learn how to create a pattern, cut, coil & pin flexible sheet plastics and bend & form wire for creating jewellery attachments.
Vicki Mason: Remnant plastics. Coiled bead earrings and pendants
Studio 20/17
Waterloo, Australia
A workshop designed to challenge common notions of value, preciousness, and jewelry. Concrete is cast into sculptural ring-forms with precious stones embedded directly into the concrete. In other cases, concrete is set into place where a gem might normally be.
Contemporary Cement Jewelry Workshop by Jim Cotter
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts
Maine 04627, United States
Porcelain sculpture artist, Olivia Monti Arduini, will guide participants in experiment with a myriad of different techniques. From the use of molds, pigments, paperclay, slipcasting, inlay, neriage, burnishing, glazes, Olivia will demonstrate infusing clay with one’s special touch to create a wearable work of art.
Porcelain Jewelery with Olivia Monti
Gaya Ceramics
Ubud Bali, Indonesia
The Otro Diseño Foundation and Walka Escuela are proud to announce the next workshop on the Travelling Workshop series to be presented in Mexico City: an intensive five-day session with Finish artist Mia Maljojoki that will explore how individuality, emotion and intuition play a relevant role in a creative process leading to the development of commercial products.
Mia Maljojoki: Everyday matters - Designing from Within
Nueve25 Plata Studio
Col. Roma Norte, Mexico
Learn about upcycled jewellery from the 1940’s and explore a series of low tech techniques based on Joanne Haywood own research and designs. This workshop gives you the opportunity to view examples of the original 40’s jewellery and make your own vintage style brooches.
Joanne Haywood: Make do and Mend brooches
City Lit
London, United Kingdom
The Design Werkstatt is organizing summer workshops and Symposiums for Ornamentmakers in the car free swiss mountain village of Braunwald in central Switzerland since 1988. For this summer there is already just places available only in 4 classes.
Design Werkstatt Felix Urs Stüssi Summer Workshops
Design Werkstatt – Felix Urs Stüssi
Braunwald, Switzerland
_ schools
Update of the school page with a new programme of coming events.
Edinburgh College of Art
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
New page for 2014. The Durban University of Technology (DUT) is the first choice for higher education in KwaZulu-Natal. As a University of Technology, it prioritises the quality of teaching and learning by ensuring its academic staff possess the highest possible qualification that they can get.
Durban University of Technology
Durban, South Africa
New school page for 2014. In October the school presents the SchmuckDenken X - ThinkingJewellery.
Hochschule Trier
Idar-Oberstein, Germany
New school page for 2014. Le Arti Orafe presents the programme of Intensive and Summer Courses for this summer.
Le Arti Orafe
Florence, Italy
New school page for 2014. Maden is a contemporary jewellery studio that considers jewellery as “wearable art” and intends to convey this concept to participants with technical and conceptual courses. It also aims to improve the field of contemporary jewellery in Turkey.
Maden Contemporary Jewellery Studio
Istanbul, Turkey
New page for the Pforzheim University with complete information about courses, teachers and events.
Pforzheim University / School of Design
Pforzheim, Germany
RISD presents a new page for 2014 with all renewed information about the school and the courses and images of new works by BFA and MFA students.
Rhode Island School of Design
Providence, Rhode Island, United States
The CASS presents the courses for 2014-15 and all the information necessary to apply.
London, United Kingdom
Alchimia presents a new page for 2014 with all information about courses, enrolment and a refreshed programme of events.
Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School
Florence, Italy
_ organizations
Update of the Art Art Jewelry Forum page with a new presentation of the organization.
AJF 2014
Mill Valley, United States
_ books
Experimental, unconventional and individual: an irrepressible curiosity and boundless creativity in dealing with materials, forms and techniques are all hallmarks of the work by the jewellery artist Daniel Kruger. The current publication documents the contemporaneity of the diverse possibilities of his expression and opens up a pictorial world of aesthetic pleasure.

Daniel Kruger: Between Nature and Artifice. Jewellery 1974-2014

Stuttgart: Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2014
Technical data: 264 pages, 21 x 27 cm, 256 illustrations in colour and b/w
ISBN/ISSN: 978-3-89790-411-8

Price: from 56 $
_ showcases
Considering the number of artists interested in "METALLOphone:Personally" we have decided to extend the deadline for submission till 25th of July, 2014. So now we are looking forward to artists applications until 25th of July, 2014.
Metallophone is an instrument that reveals the voice of metal. However, metal can also become a bright background for new ideas to spread.
Open Call: METALLOphone. Personally
The program and the application form for "ThinkingJewellery 10: On our way to a theory of jewellery" are already available. ThinkingJewellery is the attempt to reflect what Jewellery really is and an interdisciplinary approach beyond the known categories handcraft or art, applied or free.
SchmuckDenken X - Thinking Jewellery
_ whiteboard
Manuela Gandini: Adventures among the Jewels and 10 years of experimentations
Posted by Kt02

11.07.2014 / 16:46 hrs.

Launch of the new website http://manuganda.it

In 2004 I decided to make my ideas physical and real.
Thus was born the project MANUGANDA, created by me, Manuela Gandini. A project focused on the creation of contemporary jewelery, that they were not just a surprise for anniversary, but that would express my vision of what these creations can be.
During these 10 years MANUGANDA has grown with me. We have learned, experienced, done and correct errors, worked hard,

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