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Interview to María Carelli
I´m very interested on relationship jewellery-body, a body that is no longer biological since the moment it is pierced by language and culture. I work in relation to this body that beyond differences of race it´s universal, it´s always the human body.
Barcelona, Klimt02, 13.09.2014
Interview to Sharon Massey
The urban environment, specifically the architecture of Pittsburgh, inspires my current work, so the significance of the “local” is undeniable. However, I don’t merely re-create locations on a small scale; I re-interpret the urban landscape in a way that attempts to capture only the essence of the place, and hopefully generates universal appeal.
Barcelona, Klimt02, 08.09.2014
Amelia Pascoe: A reflection on FACENOW, a workshop by Ruudt Peters
A review by Amelia Pascoe about the workshop FACENOW given in The Netherlands from 28.Jul.2014 to 03.Aug.2014. The artist reveals her personal view on this experience and gives an appreciation on this event.
Barcelona, Klimt02, 08.09.2014
Amelia Pascoe
Interview to Gustavo Paradiso
When I hear the word future, I think of future work and future travels. In making bigger jewels and sculpture, in learning more, and also in teaching and sharing. I hope to experience things that will make me grow and get better.
Barcelona, Klimt02, 07.09.2014
Mládí září v Září
Written by jiri sibor

05.09.2014 / 11:10 hrs.

The exhibition of young beginning Czech and Slovak jewelers and studios from Prague, Pilsen, Liberec, Bratislava and German Halle supporting new graduates and students who create at the borders of the fine and applied arts.
The gallery Září celebrate one year of existence and during the vernisge also the ceremonial lauching of the first issue of the magazine Září will take place.

Participate artist:(...)
_ exhibitions
Art Gallery PUTTI presents a personal exhibition by the Dutch jewellery designer Ted Note. The jewellery designer is well-known for his cheeky pieces of jewellery. Are they wearable? Not necessarily. Are they provocative? Absolutely.
Ted Noten: Gold, Sweat and Pearls/Retro - 25 years Ted Noten
Putti Art Gallery
Rīga, Latvia
Galerie Ra exhibits until November the collection "Lines", created by two new jewellers at the gallery: Frieda Doerfer and Julian Steimer. While Frieda Doerfer creates pieces with the guilloching technique, Julian Steimer is inspired by the paintings and architecture of the Russian Constructivists, the Bauhaus and De Stijl.
Frieda Doerfer and Julian Steimer: Lines
Galerie Ra
Amsterdam, Netherlands
A box besides it's practical function can be appreciate by it's value and design. Galerie Ra and Galerie Lemaire present a mini-exhibition with different interpretations of this object.
Galerie Ra
Amsterdam, Netherlands
The work of six artists reveal typical examples of 21st century currents within Stockholm's art jewellery scene. The artists have been brought together by a time and place. The selected collection gives us a picture of how the art jewellery role and significance within these artworks has been re-shaped and newly interpreted in harmony with today.
The Museum of Similar Divergences
Gothenburg, Sweden
Suska Mackert’s work questions the double life of jewels, which makes them objects that belong everywhere, and yet always remain out of place. In her project of creating a two dimensional museum of jewelry (Eine Ordnung des Glanzes), she works with the literal edge of jewelry, researches its traces, and invites us to think about multiple paths and lines of connections between jewels, images, gestures.
Suska Mackert: Eine Ordnung des Glanzes
Galerie Spektrum
Munich, Germany
The Slavik Gallery enters the autumn season with a sensational exhibition that presents two jewellery artists who are diametrically opposed - except for the high quality of their work.
Ralph Bakker and Giovanni Sicuro: Jewellery Art In Striking Contrast
Galerie Slavik
Vienna, Austria
An exhibition by a group of artists that intend to pay tribute to the mining guild. While some artists explore the materials in a intimate way, others get inspiration from the quotidian.
Entre el subsuelo y el cielo, homenaje a los mineros
Archivo Histórico y Museo de Minería Asociación Civil
Hidalgo, Mexico
.M Contemporary presents the exhibition "Intimately Connected", a show that intends to reveal the creations of emerging and established artists from all around the world. With a large range of designs, this exhibition is a space to reflect and get informed about the latest creations in the field.
Intimately Connected
.M Contemporary
Sydney, Australia
L. A. Pai Gallery presents Patrycja Zwierzynska's solo exhibition. In this show the artist presents her latest collection "Ephemeras", inspired in the concept of ephemerality.
Patrycja Zwierzynska: Ephemeras
L. A. Pai Gallery
Ottawa, Canada
As part of ”New Adventures in Jewellery”, the exhibition ”MOVE” presents pieces by MA and BA Jewellery Art students at HDK – School of Design and Crafts. Each student interpreted a wide web of concepts, including memories, body and gender.
Gröna Rummet, Konstepidemin
Gothenburg, Sweden
>> View all the current and coming exhibitions
_ galleries
Galerie Spektrum
The gallery present the coming exhibition for September to October. A solo show by German artist Suska Mackert where her work questions the double life of jewels, which makes them objects that belong everywhere, and yet always remain out of place.
Galerie Ra
Galerie Ra introduces two new artists at the gallery with the exhibition "Lines". The gallery presents yet this month a mini-exhibition focused in boxes and their design.
L. A. Pai Gallery
In October L. A. Pai Gallery presents the new collection "Ephemeras" by Toronto based artist Patrycja Zwierzynska.
The gallery presents the lecture and exhibition they will host during JOYA fair in Barcelona.
_ jewellers
Serena Holm
Serena Holm presents a new group of works with the usual signature of the artist. Serena Holm is engaged with the creation of pieces that allow the comprehension of distant periods and searches to clarify her conceptual choices to the public.
Margit Hart
My most recent pieces are fragments of land and cityscapes, leading the viewers or wearers to their own stories and connotations.
Silke Spitzer
Silke Spitzer presents new images of the most recent body of work "Breathing". In an interview for AJF the artist explains how this concept is truly related to her life and how much she evoluted in her creative process and intimacy.
Poly Nikolopoulou
Poly Nikolopoulou presents two new pieces in exhibition at the show "Give me a spoon" at ATTA Gallery.
Zoe Robertson
Zoe Robertson is one of the presences at the exhibition "Intimately Connected" with the aim of reveal the exploration of design and creativeness in contemporary jewelery making today.
Tamara Grüner
The artist presents 8 new brooches from 2013 where she keeps on working with historical metal pieces on a perfect combination of geometrical decorative vintage shapes.
Johanna Törnqvist
Johanna Törnqvist presents two films about her working process of the creation of her work.
Laura Elena Sánchez
Laura Elena Sánchez presents new pieces at the exhibition “Entre el subsuelo y el cielo, homenaje a los mineros”, running until the end of this month.
Manuela Gandini
The artist enjoys the experimentation of innovative techniques and in every creation Manuela Gandini stands out by the precision and rigor in the work process. With a new body of work, the artist shows once again a mix of technology, design and meticulous handcrafting.
Teresa Faris
Teresa Faris presents a new neckpiece from the series "Collaboration with a Bird".
Paula Lindblom
Paula Lindblom presents a new body of work created with the contemporary performance artist Benedikte Esperi.
Linda Van Niekerk
Linda van Niekerk presents her works to be presented at LOOT 2014, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, 6 - 10 October 2014.
Olivia Monti
Olivia Monti presents a new group of works in porcelain, the ancient “white gold”, and brass.
Claire McArdle
Along this month and October the artist presents her pieces at the exhibition "Intimately Connected", a show in Australia with artists from all over the world.
Blitzenblitzen presents her new body of work "In Process # 2". This new pieces with unique forms and delicate sense offer a symbiosis with its owner.
Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro
Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro is one of the artists exhibiting their latest and innovated creations at the show "Intimately Connected". This exhibition gathers a wide group of jewellers exploring the field and its connections with other artistic disciplines.
Iliana Tosheva
Iliana Tosheva presents a new brooch where the exploration of the material and the experimenting that inspires the artist is very clear.
Inbar Shahak
The artist presents the new collection "Woodland companion", inspired in traditional textile patterns and techniques. This pieces will be in exhibition at JOYA 2014.
María Carelli
New Member of Klimt02.
Fish scales, seaweeds, protective skin but also surfaces of touch and interaction. The look touches, suggests and finds, at that point where the first sensations are tied to the primitive water, the first outlines of what it will be the sensual and enveloping encounter with the other. Seaweeds that envelope and fish scales that delimit, protect, call and feel.
_ awards
New Traditional Jewellery Design Contest
The Jury of the 2014 NTJ award has selected 45 artists from 22 countries. The prizewinners will be announced on November 6 during SIERAAD Art Fair between 17.00 - 18.00 hours.
Amersfoort, Netherlands
Talente 2015 Competition
Young artist working in the applied arts and technology will have the opportunity to show their work in the international competition TALENTE 2015 in Munich, Germany from 11th to 17th March 2015. The aim of TALENTE is to promote young people with a particular manual talent and to show an interested audience the enormous potential which lies in the new generation in crafts and trades.
Closing date for applications: 1st October 2014
Munich, Germany
AJF Award
The purpose of the award is to acknowledge promise, innovation, and individuality in the work of an emerging jewelry artist and to help to advance the artist's career. In addition to the cash award of $7500 for the winner of the AJF Artist’s Award (AJF AA) we have just arranged for the 5 Finalists (including the winner) will be shown at the fabulous annual Schmuck event. Work will be displayed at either Galerie Marzee, Galerie Ra, or Platina gallery in the Frame part of the exhibition hall. 
Mill Valley, United States
_ fairs
The period for applications to take part at the 2004 edition is now open. Deadline is March 20.2014, we will inform you of our findings in approximately 2-3 weeks after we received the wetransfer map.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Schmuck 2015
The Schmuck 2015 edition application period is open. Deadline to submit works is October 1st 2014. This special exhibition is the eldest exhibition of contemporary jewellery work in the world. It takes place since 1959 every year during the International Trade Fair in March.
Munich, Germany
_ workshops
Studio 20/17 presents a workshop by Vicki Mason where students will learn how to create a pattern, cut, coil & pin flexible sheet plastics and bend & form wire for creating jewellery attachments.
Vicki Mason: Remnant plastics. Coiled bead earrings and pendants
Studio 20/17
Waterloo, Australia
WE WALKA Escuela presents a workshop by Tanel Veenre that proposes a reflection about the concepts of originality, ready-made, traditional and innovation. In four days the participant will create a jewellery piece that had as a starting point a ready-made or a piece where the use of traditional techniques or materials are notable. A opportunity to discuss the theme with a successful artist that creates relationships between Jewellery and Fashion.
Tanel Veenre: Copy/Paste
WE WALKA Escuela
Vitacura, Chile
In this two day workshop Mari Ishikawa teaches to the students how to preserve their own memories. Aware of the passage of time and of the infinite possibilities of "parallel worlds", the jeweller introduces Japanese knot tying techniques and invites each one to discover himself through jewellery.
Mari Ishikawa: Border - Parallel world
Brooklyn Metal Works
Brooklyn, NY, United States
_ schools
HDK – School of Design and Crafts presents the show "MOVE", with a selection of the latest work by MA and BA Jewellery Art students. The exhibition is part of ”New Adventures in Jewellery”.
HDK – School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg
Gothenburg, Sweden
_ organizations
Joya Brava will be present at JOYA 214 with the exhibition "The Baroque Persistence", a dialogue between contemporary jewelry and Chilean cultural heritage. At OFF JOYA the organization presents the show "JoyEROS", an exhibition that explores the relation between jewellery and body.
Joya Brava
Santiago, Chile
_ showcases
Dterra Gallery-Workshop invites you to the eleventh meeting with an artist. At the lecture, Liana Pattihis will give us an insight into her works. The lecture is related to the Off JOYA events that will take part during the jewellery fair in Barcelona
TAST entre JOIES Nş11: Liana Pattihis
Radiant Pavilion is a project that aims to create a new platform for presentation, participation and investigation in the jewellery field. During one week, with a programme that includes exhibitions, workshops, seminars and open studios, all the interested people is invited to participate. Call for artists at 1st February 2015.
Open Call: Radiant Pavilion
_ whiteboard
DEPOT BASEL at Design Date
Posted by Kt02

17.09.2014 / 11:59 hrs.

Victoria & Albert Museum
Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre
Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL, United Kingdom

Working in design means constantly looking for opportunities that come through others. A designer seeks a producer, a curator hunts for a designer, a production company searches a designer and vice versa. We all look for collaborators to define and anchor our creative ambitions. How can a compliment or adulation manipulate us to make a

Julia deVille invites us
Posted by Kt02

04.09.2014 / 11:47 hrs.

For those of you that didn’t make it to Adelaide earlier this year to see the Biennial, I’m bringing my Dark Heart exhibition ‘PHANTASMAGORIA' to Melbourne. There will also be several brand new works and a very exciting collaboration with Leslie Rice.
All to be revealed:
Tuesday 9  September - Saturday


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