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Until the end of October the Gallery Reverso presents an exhibition by Claude Schmitz. The artist, in a relation with classical references and with a deep comprehension of jewellery, transforms the morphology of nature by his hands, creating pieces non-linear in their interpretation.
Claude Schmitz: Morphing
Galeria Reverso
Lisbon, Portugal
This time in the "I-Land" series ATTA Gallery presents an exhibition by Helena Johansson Lindell. The artist uses cheap and secondhand materials to create pieces that have a direct connection to the body, without worrying about any judgment. More than being concerned about the conceptual thinking that the pieces can offer, Helena Johansson Lindell aims through experimental and intimate processes give something playful and real for the viewer.
Helena Johansson Lindell: I-Land
ATTA Gallery
Bangkok, Thailand
"Give Me A Spoon” is the result of a challenge proposed by the curator Vipoo Srivilasa, in his residence at Canada. Vipoo Srivilasa wanted to withdraw the artists from their comfort zone, translating their practice into a new kind of work. The result are very different pieces, with a mix of techniques and processes but they're all spoons.
Give Me A Spoon
ATTA Gallery
Bangkok, Thailand
On the occasion of Cape Town Design Capital 2014, Triennale Design Museum in collaboration with ITA presents for the first time in South Africa an edition of "The New Italian Design". The event that counts with works from 133 designers, aims to present the changes and new perceptions happening in the field of design, linked with the contemporary society and its issues.
The New Italian Design
The Lookout, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
Cape Town, South Africa
"Full Circle" presents the new body of work by Garry Knox Bennett, made in the spirit of the 1960's. The artist celebrates the 80th birthday this October and Velvet Da Vinci Gallery is proud to show the contributions made for over 40 year by Garry Knox Bennett in the craft field.
Garry Knox Bennett: Full Circle
Velvet da Vinci
San Francisco, United States
The exhibition aims at releasing authoritative information, spreading jewelry culture, and build platform of transaction service for art jewelry and metal jewelry through displaying, seminar, technology demonstration and meeting with buyers.
Shanghai Design Week. Metalsmithing & Jewelry Art Exhibition
Shanghai Exhibition Center
Shanghai, China
As part of OFF JOYA, Gioielli in Fermento #gallery exhibits the works of 2014 edition as well the works concerning the main theme from previous editions. This year the theme was related to the colors and intensities, illustrating the taste and wine ‘terroir’. With selected artists from each corner of the world, it's a must see in Barcelona Jewellery Week.
Gioielli in Fermento #gallery
BOFFI showroom
Barcelona, Spain
The exhibition show many souths full of landscapes; corners that outline thoughts and places with blurred boundaries, connecting stories and hemispheres from a feeling hard to define. Curators Mercedes Rodrigo & Eva Burton (curators) bring us Argentinean jewelery during JOYa, the Barcelona Jewellery Week.
Sur o no Sur
Galería Siesta
Barcelona, Spain
Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h presents contemporary enamel work by 23 international artists. Curated by Jamie Bennett, renowned American jewelry artist, this exhibition offers an overview of the current use of enamel in contemporary jewelry and objects.
Émaux at this Moment
Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h
Montréal, Canada
This month Gallery Beyond Fashion presents a solo exhibition by Timothy Veske-Mcmahon. This new body of work results from the needs of expression of the artist, creating basic elements of a visual lexicon representing the delicate balance of adult life.
Timothy Veske-Mcmahon: Ampersand
Beyond Fashion
Antwerp, Belgium
Joyce J. Scott, renowned as the “Queen of Beadwork", is an artist that uses her art to invite people making a reflection. Joyce J. Scott has deep and provocative thoughts about the paper of art in society and about society itself, and she searches to make a change with her pieces.
Joyce J. Scott: New Work, 2014
Mobilia Gallery
Cambridge, United States
"Wolpertinger run away!" introduces a new generation of jeweler makers living in Munich presenting the latest trends in contemporary jewelry design in international context.
Wolpertinger run away!
Czech Centrum Praha
Prague, Czech Republic
It's the fifth edition of the European Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery, and this time the WCC-BF invited artists from Italy and Finland to make their works dialogue with those of the Belgian makers. As parallel events the European Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery presents the seminar "Jewellery object: For your eyes only?" and a workshop about jewellery making by Claire Lavendhomme.
European Triennial for Contemporary Jewellery
The Anciens Abattoirs (Old Slaughterhouse) of Mons
Mons, Belgium
Vera Siemund is interested in the investigation of historic ornaments and in its reinvention second modern concepts. Working in cooperation with an old graphic and a photographer, being in different historic times, the result is a reflection about different eras.
Vera Siemund: Solo Exhibition
Jewelers' Werk Galerie
Washington DC, United States
Gallery Platina presents six Finnish contemporary jewellery artists that have been the leading voices on the international stage.
Stockholm, Sweden
On November 7th and 8th Patina Gallery will count with the presence of the distinguished jewelry artists Jeff and Susan Wise. The couple will be showing their last body of work, a deep exploration of geometric shapes and kinetic motion.
Jeff Wise and Susan Wise: Metalsmith Jewellery Exhibition
Patina Gallery
Santa Fe, United States
The Most Secret Gallery is a new space for art jewellery in Denmark and aims to create interest and understanding of contemporary jewellery through its exhibitions and artist talks. For the first exhibition Kim Buck invited Sara Borgegård Älgå and Mari Ishikawa to present their work under the subject "Life Savers".
Life Savers
The Most Secret Gallery
København K, Denmark
St Lucas University College of Art & Design Antwerp was invited to organize an international art exhibition and a symposium at Creative Capital in Wuhan, China. The result it's "Travellers on the Earth", a show with graduated students from three different art colleges in Europe.
Travellers on the Earth
Creative Capital
Wuhan, Hubei, China
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_ galleries
ATTA Gallery
ATTA Gallery runs in October two exhibitions: "Give me a Spoon" and "Helena Johansson Lindell: I-Land". "Give me a spoon" is focused in spoons and it's interesting see how each artist equationed the question.
Beyond Fashion
The gallery presents the solo exhibition "Ampersand" by Timothy Veske-Mcmahon. The event will include too a demonstration of hydrographic printing, a process of applying a two-dimensional pattern or image to a three-dimensional surface.
Velvet da Vinci
Velvet da Vinci presents this month "Full Circle", an exhibition that celebrates the work of Garry Knox Bennett, a artist engaged in diverse fields as the furniture, the craft and metal work. The show will feature 50 sculptural roach clips, a popular item sold at the artist’s historic San Francisco shop Squirkenworks almost 4 decades ago.
Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h
Until November Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h presents an exhibition Curated by Jamie Bennett, a renowned American jewelry artist. The show is focused on the different approaches in the enamel technique in the contemporary jewellery and counts with 23 international artists.
Until November Platina shows an exhibition with six Finnish jewellers that revolutionize and mark the art scene locally and internationally.
Mobilia Gallery
Mobilia Gallery presents this month a solo exhibition by Joyce J. Scott. The artist is best known for her work in jewelry, beadwork, and glass, as well by her strong statements and commentaries created by a mix of media.
Jewelers' Werk Galerie
The next show at Jewelers' Werk it's a solo exhibition by Vera Siemund. With her art jewelry, Vera Siemund impressively revives the architecture of past periods, and thus can be counted among the most fascinating goldsmith artists of the present.
Patina Gallery
Patina Gallery is pleased to announce the appearance of Jeff and Susan Wise, in their first gallery exhibition in two years.
Galeria Thomas Cohn
New member of Klimt02.
Thomas Cohn and Myriam Tenenbaum Cohn were art collectors for 20 years. They opened the gallery in March 1983 and were pioneers in launching what was called "The 80's generation". In order to be a part of the international art community they were the first contemporary gallery in exhibiting in European Art Fairs on the first year of gallery's existence. After closing the space in 2012 the owners began a research on Contemporary Art Jewelry and on September 18 the gallery was re-opened at the present address with the show COLARES CONTEMPORANEOS.
_ jewellers
Silke Fleischer
Number 7 has a biblical significance and it also corresponds to the days of the week, repeating themselves endlessly in a loop… - over and over and over …A repetition that is being reflected in the new work by Silke Fleischer, as the routine of the everyday.The new jewellery works refer to settings and actions and are questioning a break through the daily routine.
Liana Pattihis
Liana Pattihis presents the new brooch "Fabricated". In this piece the jeweller uses enamel leaves that create a surface with a very organic look and texture.
Karin Roy Andersson
I’m a long distance runner. The urge to repeat movements, methodically and resolutely is significant for my personality and work. Running kilometre after kilometre or pushing a needle up and down for hours - multiplicity and recurrence attract me.
Heidemarie Herb
Heidemarie Herb presents three new piece where is remarkable the artist's intention to offer the viewer a visual and sensational experience. Heidemarie searches to destroy the superficiality and individualism of the modern life and with her jewellery she gives a harmonic overall picture.
Karen Vanmol
Karen Vanmol will participate this month in the Shanghai International Metalsmithing & Jewelry Art Exhibition, as well as in the 2014 European Triënnale for Contemporary Jewellery, at Belgium.
Paula Lindblom
Paula Lindblom presents a video related to new body of work "Unda Uastus" created with the contemporary performance artist Benedikte Esperi.
Maria Tsimpiskaki
Maria Tsimpikas will be exhibiting her works at two renowned international fairs, JOYA and Sieraad.
Beverly Tadeu
The pieces created by Beverly Tadeu are undoubtedly a contradiction themself. Instead of giving to the viewer a directly perception of the jewel, Beverly Tadeu proposes a second look to really comprehend how and why the pieces were made this way. Playing with the contradiction between fragile and strong, ethereal and durable, the artist creates singular and precious pieces. Beverly Tadeu presents now new pieces according to this conception.
Iliana Tosheva
Iliana Tosheva presents a new brooch where the artist explores the application of vitreous enamel.
_ workshops
Timothy Veske-Mcmahon gives a demonstration of the hydrographic printing process, that consists in the application of a two-dimensional pattern or image to a three-dimensional surface. The artist will discuss the possibilities of adapting this process for studio and give some tricks. This workshop follows his exhibition "Ampersand", with pieces showing this process.
Timothy Veske-Mcmahon: Demo Hydrographic printing for small objects
Beyond Fashion
Antwerp, Belgium
As part of the European Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery 2014, the artist Claire Lavendhomme gives a two-day workshop with the aim of create a jewellery piece in resin, latex and/or silicon and discover the many possibilities of this materials.
Claire Lavendhomme: Creating jewellery in resin, latex and/or silicon
The Anciens Abattoirs of Mons
Mons, Belgium
_ schools
Kurt Vanbelleghem, curator at Sint Lucas Antwerp, curated the exhibition Travellers on the Earth for the Creative Capital in Wuhan, China. The event counts yet with a symposium curated by Ad van Rosmalen.
St Lucas University College of Art & Design Antwerp
Antwerp, Belgium
_ organizations
Joya Brava was present at JOYA 214 with the exhibition "The Baroque Persistence", a dialogue between contemporary jewelry and Chilean cultural heritage. At OFF JOYA the organization presents the show "JoyEROS", an exhibition that explores the relation between jewellery and body.
Joya Brava
Santiago, Chile
This year for the fifth edition of the European Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery, WCC-BF invited artists from Italy and Finland to dialogue with Belgian makers and their pieces. As side events there will be lecture "Jewellery Object: For your eyes only?" and an workshop by Claire Lavendhomme.
Mons, Belgium
_ showcases
"Schmuck als urbaner Prozess" is a research and exhibition project initiated by the Design Department of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and the Stadtmuseum of the City of Düsseldorf. The aim was to students study and create various outward forms of jewellery in urban space. The symposium that antedates the exhibition reflects the cross disciplinary character of the student projects and enhances the research findings.
Symposium: Schmuck als urbaner Prozess
"Schmuck als urbaner Prozess" is a research and exhibition project initiated by the Design Department of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and the Stadtmuseum of the City of Düsseldorf. The students after a exploration of jewellery in urban spaces developed their own ideas and conceptions about jewellery and exhibitions, through a oriented process and the exploration of Düsseldorf cityscape.
Schmuck als urbaner Prozess
This lecture is focused in the public's perception and experience of jewellery. The several feelings awakened by the materials, forms, colors and all the object gives an interpretation that varies with the viewer. The reflection about this experiences will be discussed in this lecture day, part of the European Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery 2014.
Lecture: Jewellery Object. For your eyes only?
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