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As hard as it is, stop caring so much about what other people think. Find a way to hear what you want. Recognize what is your dream. And then put everything you have into that: your work, the relationships you surround yourself with, the food you put in your body. Everything you have control over in your world should feed that dream and make you feel like a 'GIRLBOSS' / Sophia Amoruso

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Interview to Inbar Shahak
I feel that when we work we tend to have a micro resolution into our work, so talking with other artist from different fields such as fashion and industrial design makes gives a better macro view on the whole collection.
Barcelona, Klimt02, 18.08.2014
Interview to Andreea Mogosanu
Reykjavik was the city that definitely moved me, in fact the whole country. Iceland is a country of extreme contrasts (is a characteristic that define me) and endless possibilities, like in jewellery.
Barcelona, Klimt02, 11.08.2014
Interview to Liana Pattihis
I think the local influence shows in the way I work. I have acquired a sense of ‘efficiency’ and ethos related to my work which can only stem from the more regimented way of life here in the UK. The Universal is an amalgamation of all the beautiful people and work I have met and acknowledged over the last few years that have inspired me to be a better artist and person.
Barcelona, Klimt02, 10.08.2014
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Santa Fe's Patina Gallery celebrates its 15th anniversary this August with the exhibition "100 Rings". The exhibition features works of the renowned German jewelry studio, Atelier Zobel.
100 Rings with Atelier Zobel
Patina Gallery
Santa Fe, United States
The exhibition reflects the process of construction and deconstruction in the creative process. With works by seven jewellers graduated from the MA 'Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products' at Birmingham City University, this exhibition aims to show how is important to understand the chaos and take advantage of it.
From Chaos to Comprehension
ATTA Gallery
Bangkok, Thailand
Santa Fe - Patina Gallery presents the exhibition "Measure of Days" by Daniel Kosharek, the third of the gallery's Drawn to the Wall exhibition series. The Santa Fe artist shows abstract paintings with a palette of saturated colours, representing a reflection of each day that were painted.
Daniel Kosharek: Measure of Days - Drawn To The Wall III
Patina Gallery
Santa Fe, United States
Coda Museum presents in September an exhibition by Tota Reciclados. The group of jewellers shows the collection "Broken Memories, Precarious Links" result from the Artists in Residence project of the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation. The pieces are a aftermath of collected objects and the histories beyond them.
Tota Reciclados: Broken Memories, Precarious Links
CODA Museum
Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Hamish McKay presents an exhibition that counts with paintings by Séraphine Pick and Robin Neate, and rings by Karl Fritsch. The show proposes a overview to the work of this artists and a reflection in each field.
Paintings and Rings
Hamish McKay
Wellington, New Zealand
Platina Gallery presents an exhibition by the jewellers Märta Mattson and Tanel Veenre, where the artists explore the notion of symmetry in life and nature and its contradictions. Through palindromes the jewellers challenge the visual language of each piece.
Märta Mattsson and Tanel Veenre: SOLOƧ- Never odd or even part III
Stockholm, Sweden
Top Young 2014 is an exhibition that presents 10 artists selected by an international jury, from over 50 Asian jewellery graduates. Through the pieces we can see the self-expression of the artists and the growing innovation of the field.
Top Young 2014
Ubi Gallery
Beijing, China
Sienna Patti Gallery presents an exhibition by Daniel Kruger, a renowned artist with more than 40 years of practice. Daniel Kruger explores different materials and textures in order to create unique pieces that show the perfect balance in the contradictions.
Daniel Kruger: Angle of Incidence
Sienna Gallery
Lenox, United States
>> View all the current and coming exhibitions
_ galleries
ATTA Gallery
Simultaneously with the exhibition by Jiro Kamata, ATTA Gallery presents the work of 7 contemporary jewellery artists, graduated from the MA 'Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products' at Birmingham City University, UK. Both shows will run until 27th September.
The gallery shows this month an exhibition by Märta Mattson and Tanel Veenre with the artists presenting two new series of works, "Phantoms" and "Heartology", respectively. Based on palindromes, this pieces challenge the concept of symmetry.
Ubi Gallery
Ubi Gallery presents this month an exhibition with the 10 best submissions to the award exhibition Top Young. The exhibition runs until 17 September and shows the fresh view of the graduate students.
Sienna Patti
Sienna Patti presents a new exhibitions programme with the new show by Daniel Kruger: "Angle of Incidence".
Patina Gallery
Santa Fe - Patina Gallery presents in October the the third and final exhibition of Patina's Drawn to the Wall series, "Measure of Days" by Daniel Kosharek, part of the gallery's 15th anniversary celebration. The artist presents in this exhibition reflections of each day by abstracts paintings.
_ jewellers
Barbara Uderzo
The artist presents a new list of upcoming exhibitions, starting this month with the participation in the show "Cominelli Foundation Award" at Fondazione Cominelli.
Gustavo Paradiso
Gustavo Paradiso presents a new group of works that shows his intricate relationship with the materials and objects that he find. The artist is mostly interested in the construction of the piece from ground zero and its development through experiences and attempts.
Helen Clara Hemsley
Update of the artist page with a group of new works. In this new pieces is notable the inspiration in the everyday life and how the jeweller expresses a critic through a funny way.
Michelle Xianou Ni
New Member of Klimt02.
In my work, I emphasized on a relationship within objects rather than use of objects. Followed with the relationship, I juxtaposed structure, material, technique with an expression of ideas. By inspired from both natural form and mechanical form that symbolizes cultural communication, this visual contradiction attracted my attention.
Isabella Liu
New Member of Klimt02.
Inspired by Japanese art of Kintsugi and her design philosophy, Isabella believes that anything suffering damage has it’s potential to become more beautiful. She aims to create an emotional response in both the wearer and the viewer of her conceptual works.
Patrícia Domingues
New member of Klimt02.
I'm convinced that the way we present ourselves to the world can explain a great deal about each one of us and that the way we sort out and induce a reading of our work can be the initial key to the understanding of a piece.
_ workshops
The aim of this workshop is to destroy and to create, an open workshop for creative people who are willing to push past their boundaries and explore the creativity that lies beyond.
Tabea Reulecke: Who Cares?
Atelier Rudee
Bangkok, Thailand
WE WALKA Escuela presents a workshop by Tanel Veenre that proposes a reflection about the concepts of originality, ready-made, traditional and innovation. In four days the participant will create a jewellery piece that had as a starting point a ready-made or a piece where the use of traditional techniques or materials are notable. A opportunity to discuss the theme with a successful artist that creates relationships between Jewellery and Fashion.
Tanel Veenre: Copy/Paste
WE WALKA Escuela
Vitacura, Chile
_ organizations
The Otro Diseño Foundation for Cultural Cooperation and Development aims to promote the work of Latin American designers in an international context with the vision of design as a universal language. The organization searches for a cultural exchange between artists and designers from all continents.
Otro Diseño
Hilversum, Netherlands
_ museums
With a renewed programme of coming exhibitions, CODA Museum presents an exhibition by Tota Reciclados where the couple of jewellers shows pieces that had as a starting point fragments of old jewellery and everyday objects. The exhibition starts in September and will run until January 2015.
CODA Museum
Apeldoorn, Netherlands
_ showcases
Gallery Funaki announced the winners of the Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery. In the Established Category the winner was Kiko Gianocca and between the Emerging Artists Patrícia Domingues and Sara Gackowska were the winners. The jury given also two commendations.
Award Giving: Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery Winners
Rachel Timmins and Brigitte Martin arranged a traveling exhibition with the aim of show works by partnerships with approaches to jewellery totally different between them. The open call is open and the juries are looking for surprising ornaments.
Call for Artists: Co:Operation Garnish
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Julia deVille News, August 2014
Posted by Kt02

10.08.2014 / 01:11 hrs.

Once again I’m gearing up for the Melbourne Art Fair which opens on Wednesday 13 August and runs until Sunday 17 August.
Please come down to see my new work at the Sophie Gannon Gallery stand (number C106) during the fair, or join me for a drink at the Vernissage on Wednesday night. 

You can buy tickets to the Art


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