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Decoration image These are the last jewellery publications updated in the different sections: history, exhibition catalogues, artists, geographic, schools, ethnic, design, dictionaries, techniques and others. We help you to find and purchase any book.

Also known as jewellery
Paimpont: La Garantie, 2009

Technical data: 17 folded posters inside a soft cover, bound with a black rubber band, 68 pages, 16.5 x 24 cm, approximately 90 colour illustrations

Order (Benjamin Lignel)

Contemporary jewellery, in France and abroad, is undergoing a spectacular evolution: in recent years, it has both staked out new territories of experimentation, and claimed a pivotal position between art, design and traditional craft.

The selection for this touring show focused on the work of 17 contemporary jewellers - French, or working in France - who together make a convincing case for the vitality of this rather under-exposed part of the European contemporary jewellery community.
It is the first time that such a selection of contemporary French makers is shown abroad.

The production of a bilingual catalogue is central to the project. Its purpose it to provide readers with three different entry points into the work of each exhibitor: a commissioned text and some biographical informations to put it in context, a series of studio photographs showing recent work, and finally, a portrait of the makers wearing one of their pieces by award-winning photographer Elene Usdin.
The catalogue is collated from loose, folded posters: the 17 portraits make up a 5-meter long frieze of this hyper-active community, and is used as part of the exhibition scenography.

work by
claire baloge _ babette boucher _ brune boyer-pellerej _ frédéric braham _ monika brugger _ carole deltenre _ joanne grimonprez _ sophie hanagarth _ ulrike kampfert _ emmanuel lacoste _ catherine legal _ florence lehmann _ christophe marguier _ amandine meunier _ jana natier _ nathalie perret _ maud traon 

texts by
christian alandete _ sofian beldjerd _ david beytelmann _ frédéric bodet _ caroline broadhead _ jacques demarcq _ yvonna demczynska _ carole guinard _ love jönsson _ anna kharkina _ david lemaire _ benjamin lignel _ philippe liotard _ rita marcangelo _ ellen maurer-zilioli _ sophie pelletier _ marie prunier _ michael rowe _ frédérique verlinden

edited by Christian Alandete & Benjamin Lignel


the catalogue, unbound

open spread of one of the individual posters

back cover of the individual posters

One of the individual posters, opened

The 17 portraits, as they were displayed at Flow gallery, London

the association
This project is part of the ongoing program by the association la garantie, founded in 2007 in Paimpont (France) . Its purpose is to promote jewellery outside its primary audience of makers, collectors, and gallery owners. The diverse backgrounds of the association’s founding members - two makers, two PhDs, one curator - reflects our ambition to establish a self-sufficient cultural ‘task force’ able to collaborate with both institutional and private partners. 

Order (Benjamin Lignel)

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Also known as jewellery
Also known as jewellery
Also known as jewellery
Also known as jewellery
Also known as jewellery
Also known as jewellery
Lacoste, Emmanuel
Lignel, Benjamin
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